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Alcon Ent. Guns to Get Harrison Ford on Board Blade Runner Sequel

Blade Runner sequelWith Blade Runner original Director Ridley Scott and one of the original Screenwriters, Hampton Fancher on board, it’s no surprise to hear that Alcon Entertainment is trying to get Blade Runner star Harrison Ford to reprise his role as Rick Deckard in the forthcoming Blade Runner sequel to the neo-noir scifi flick. Michael Green, the writer of the 2011 Green Lantern who is also tasked to re-write the Prometheus sequel, is co-writing with Fancher on the project.

With science fiction flicks being churned out at a neck break pace, and Ridley Scott’s lack luster Alien prequel Prometheus not far behind us, Alcon is gambling making a sequel to one of the most iconic science fiction movies of all time. Though they seem confident that a Blade Runner sequel is worth pursuing.Blade Runner sequel Andrew Kosove and Broderick Johnson, founders of Alcon Ent. told the press, “We believe that Hampton Fancher and Michael Green have crafted with Ridley Scott an extraordinary sequel to one of the greatest films of all time. We would be honored, and we are hopeful, that Harrison will be part of our project.”

Harrison Ford will be tied up with Star Wars: Episode VII production starting in just a few days, so it may be sometime before we know whether Ford will agree to join the cast and quite a while before production on the Blade Runner sequel gets started. Fans will just have to wait and see if the movie will honor the original or just be another poorly made replicant.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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