WCW Monday Nitro

WCW Monday Nitro – November 27th, 1995

WCW Champions
World Heavyweight: Macho Man Randy Savage
US: Kenzuki Kasaki
TV: Johnny B. Badd
Tag-Team: Harlem Heat

We’re live from Salem, Virgina this week with your hosts Mongo, ‘Bish, and The Brian.

WCW Monday Nitro

Johnny B. Badd © w/ Kimberly vs Diamond Dallas Page – WCW TV Championship
DDP comes out with roses, begs to have Kimberly back, and uses the distraction to sucker punch Badd. My kinda guy. Kimberly goes through the roses and finds a length of chain, clearly unsure of whether or not she should give it to DDP. He asks for it, she throws it, but Johnny gets it and decks Dallas before tucking it back into his tights. I’d like to add if Johnny putting the chain back in his trunks had been anymore in the ref’s line of sight, he’d have been sitting on his face. Now that’s Badd. I can’t rate this match, because the cameras never focused on it, instead just showing what was going on with Kimberly. Afterwards, Badd is questioning Kimberly who threw the chain, and she states it doesn’t matter because he won. Fair enough.
Johnny wins via the length of chain at 2:08 | No rating

Gene has an interview with Jimmy & Sullivan, and ‘Task wants to know the deal with Luger. Why didn’t he break Macho’s arm? What’s the deal with Sting? Hart says not to worry, he’s got it all wrapped up.

WCW Monday Nitro

Cutie Suzuki & Mayumi Ozaki vs Bull Nakano & Akira Hokuto
We’re two for two on on WW3 rematches. Will they cram 60 wrestlers into the Nitro ring? Will Hogan find a newsletter, or at least a copy of Reader’s Digest to burn? I truly hope. Right off the bat we get a sweet dose of awesome when Hokuto climbs up to the second turnbuckle and drags Ozaki up with her by the throat as Bull throws punches into her gut. After dropping her, Bull grabs Ozaki by the hair and throws her so hard she does a 360 mid-air as if she were flying. There’s actually a lot of creative things going on in this match with tons of innovation and nothing held back in terms stiffness. They actually go the extra mile and deliver a better match than the night before. This was non-stop quality, and they delivered one of the best matches I’ve seen on Nitro thus far. Hokuto put always Suzuki with a sweet move that looked to be a Fishermen’s Suplex, but in mid-air she turned it into a Brainbuster with a hooked leg. Brutal. Do yourself a favor and look this one up.
Hokuto busts the hell out of Suzuki’s brain for the pin at 5:24 | ***1/4

WCW Monday Nitro

Hugh Morrus vs Hulk Hogan
DeMott always did a great job with the character, making it one of the more tolerable DoD characters. Since he’s a new guy, they’re gonna want to get him over strong, which means you know he’s walking away with a sweet loss here after getting his ass kicked. Wow, I was actually wrong. When Hugh hit his finisher, the No Laughing Matter moonsault, Hogan kicked out of it so hard he bench pressed Hugh into the air, then dropped the leg on him. Well, Hugh did get to hit Hogan a cool 3 times. He’s clearly as big a friend backstage to Hulkster as Ed is.
Hogan wins with the boot at 3:41 | *

WCW Monday Nitro

Gene comes out to interview Macho Man, and promptly mentions the controversy at WW3. Macho begins to answer, but Hogan comes out and promptly calls Macho “friend brother”. He wants to play the footage of last night, and just before Hogan goes out under the ropes, the tape goes to static. The Giant then comes out, clobbers Hogan, and chokeslams Macho Man on the concrete. He drags Hogan to the ring, and before doing more damage, Sting comes out for the distraction, allowing Hulk to beat down The Giant with a steel chair. So, in exchange for Hogan not winning WW3, he has to lose in dubious fashion, gets to bodyslam The Giant on the outside, complain a bunch, then the next night beat the Dungeon’s newest member, then save Savage, and beat The Giant again. Sounds good to me.

WCW Monday Nitro

Arn Anderson & Brian Pillman vs Sting & Lex Luger
Arn & Brian seem to have the match in the beginning, but it quickly changes to Sting & Luger press-slamming their way up down the boulevard. They start to get the match back to their liking once Stinger has Arn in the Deathlock, and Luger launches Pillman off the top turnbuckle, causing him to accidentally crash into Sting. Ooh, a conspiracy on Nitro. There’s a bit of a melee, and amongst all this  Sting rolls up Pillman for the pin. This brings out Flair, as the 3 of them proceed to beat the hell outta Luger & Sting, just as it should be. That of course brings out Hulk Hogan, a character that to me didn’t mesh at all with the world & type of pro-wrestling The Horsemen brought. He clears the ring, Hogan & Sting shake hands, and with that we’re out.
Sting gets the pin on Pillman via roll-up at 5:33 | *1/2


This has to be the first show in history in which a women’s wrestling match actually saved the card from being bad. Good for them. We didn’t get too much tonight, the TV Title match was more about Kimberly & her flowers, Hogan & Morrus is exactly what you’d think, and the Horsemen vs Sting & Luger match was cut down to TV time, and most of the match was about “Can Sting trust Luger?!”. They need to make with the quickness and get to the Macho vs Flair angle, dammit!


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