Amazing Spider-Man 3

‘Amazing Spider Man 3’ will include The Rhino

Paul Giamatti was recently interviewed and let it slip that he will be in The Amazing Spider Man 3. Of course, Giamatti will also be in Amazing Spider Man 2 as The Rhino, and if Rhino is coming back for another movie, that pretty much clues me in that the bad guys in the third movie will be the Sinister Six.

Yeah, this is kind of exciting for fans of the Spider-Man comic books. Way back when the comics were just getting started, Spider-Man fought a ton of brand new villains created just for his comic. Electro. Doctor Octopus. Vulture. Rhino. The Green Goblin. Kraven.

Well, these villains finally got tired of Spider-Man kicking their butts and teamed together to create the Sinister Six and they went after Spider-Man together. The results were more butt kicking, but at least they put up a fight.

Recently, the Sinister Six made their return in The Superior Spider-Man and Dr. Octopus was humorously aghast at the new version, which was crap compared to the old version.

The question now is who will be in the group. Surely, we will have Electro (Jamie Foxx) and Rhino (Giamatti). I doubt The Lizard will be in it, since he was a tragic villain and not a team player. People seem to think since Norman and Harry Osborne will be in the second movie, that The Green Goblin will be in it.

I hope he isn’t.

There was a cartoon that was on TV called Spectacular Spider-Man and it was pretty much the greatest Spider-Man cartoon ever made. In that, Norman Osborn was a scientist who created villains for the mob boss Mr. Big. Now, I think the best idea for this franchise is to have Osborne as the man behind the villains – but not one of the villains who wears a costume and fights. That means no Green Goblin – at least not yet.

I also don’t want to see Harry as The Goblin, because that was done in the last trilogy. I would love to see Kraven here and maybe Vulture and Doctor Octopus, but I am stuck on the sixth villain. Maybe Shocker? Possibly Venom, which could lead to him turning on them and spinning off into his rumored solo movie?

What are your thoughts? If you could create a Sinister Six for Amazing Spider Man 3, which villains would you put in it?

Source: Collider

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