Red & Green Band Riddick Trailers

Coming to theaters September 4th is the 3rd live-action film in the Riddick franchise, simply known as Riddick. The first in the series was the sleeper hit, Pitch Black, and The Chronicles of Riddick soon followed after. Well today what we have for you are two new Riddick trailers. The safe-for-the-whole-family green band version, and the what-the-cool-kids-are-watching red band trailer. Both look great to me, and I have hopes for this film.

I saw Pitch Black in the theaters and was might impressed. It was a great concept, very original in it’s idea & execution. At this point I thought perhaps the action genre finally had a new guy in Vin Diesel. However, he soon followed Pitch Black with the first film in the embarrassingly bad xXx franchise, and Pitch Black’s sequel, the lack-luster Chronicles of Riddick.

What irked me about the film is that the whole thing seem predicated on Riddick being the only guy around who could stop this massive invading army. Sounds great, right? Well the entire film is spent with him being locked in a prison and trying to escape. What on Earth is that? That’s like 90% of Jaws being spent with the gang stuck in a bait store or something.  Here’s to hoping that Riddick is Diesel’s first step into getting away from Paul Walker.

Check out the two new Riddick trailers.

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