Since Man of Steel‘s arrival is a little more than a month away, promotion for the film has greatly increased. It has gained a good deal of buzz from comic book fans, who are looking forward to seeing Superman’s return to the silver screen. It’s also gotten the attention of more mainstream moviegoers. We also have yet to hear any negative opinions of the film itself.

shared DC movie universeThe latest trailer actually gives an early Easter egg in the form of an extremely brief view of the LexCorp tower in downtown Metropolis. It has not been confirmed that Lex Luthor himself will appear in Man of Steel, it seems clear that he does exist in this new film’s universe, and he may not be the only billionaire referenced in the film.

shared DC movie universeJake Lester from Comic Book Therapy has reported that Wayne Enterprises will be referenced somehow in the film, and there will also be some kind of “direct reference” to the Batman character himself. Lester also claims that this version of Batman will NOT be the one from Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, where he was portrayed by Christian Bale.

If this news is true, we could FINALLY be seeing the beginnings of the shared DC movie universe. They may be late to the party, but here’s hoping that the wait will have been worth it.

What do you think about this idea? Do you think it’s true? Are we finally getting to see the seeds for the Justice League movie? Why don’t you just tell us what you think in the comments below?

Source: Comic Book Therapy