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Renegade Cinema is the home for geek entertainment, movie news, interviews and reviews. We talk about the latest Marvel movie news or horror movies. We love sci-fi films and comic book news. We cover all forms of geek cinema. Renegade Cinema wants to be your home.

Renegade Cinema also interviews the biggest names in geek movie entertainment. We also review all the top movie releases and television shows such as The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and more. Whatever you love in geek entertainment and movie news, we have you covered.

Long time film critic Shawn S. Lealos started Renegade Cinema and brought in some of the brightest young writers on the Internet, including Derick “R-Rock” Dotson and Jesse Blume to help him kick off a new era in geek movie news entertainment.

If you want movie news about the next Avengers movie, the new Sam Raimi horror feature or the new Marvel or DC Comics, Renegade Cinema has exactly what you are looking for.

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movie news

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