Vegas Season Finale Recap: 1.21 – Sons of Nevada (Spoilers)

Taking down Gainsley was the focus for this Vegas season finale and it was surprising who decided to help.  Mia and Jack solidified where their relationship was going, as did Dixon and Yvonne.

The Breakdown

This week’s season finale of Vegas, Sons of Nevada started with Sheriff Lamb at the scene of Katherine’s accident seeing an apparition of his deceased wife.

Vegas Season FinaleSavino tried to decide if he should go through with the deal he and Sheriff Lamb made where they would team up to take down Gainsley and in return he would receive the tapes from the phone tap.  Meanwhile Gainsley and his men talk about the damage they have caused and plan to do more.

Jack showed up at Mia’s to (possibly) propose and she confronted him about the phone taps in Savino’s office.  As Jack tried to explain and Mia became enraged at how it could implicate her.  Mia in turn broke up with Jack, choosing her career over their relationship.  Later at the Savoy, Tommy continued his pursuit of Mia which kept up throughout the episode.  Mia’s mother reassured her that her decision was the right one regarding Jack.

Sheriff Lamb visited Katherine in the hospital promising the unconscious Katherine to take Gainsley down.  Byrne showed up and the two briefly discussed Lamb’s plans for Gainsley.  Later, Sheriff Lamb and Savino talk about their deal after Lamb handed over the phone tap tapes.  Savino decided to go ahead with their plans to get Gainsley.  Lamb told Jack about his plan, including giving the tapes to Savino.  Jack, of course, was not happy.  However, Mia was glad when Savino told her he had the tapes.

Vegas Season FinaleLamb and Savino headed out to take care of Gainsley.  They planned their attack at the upcoming livestock auction at Gainsley’s place, but the two still had trouble trusting each other.  In the meantime, Jack and Dixon talked about Gainsley.  Dixon was furious at Gainsley for killing his mother and wanted his pound of flesh as well.  Jack and Dixon hatched their own plan.

As Lamb and Savino were about to take Gainsley out, Dixon, along with Jack, showed up and a shootout began – all parties involved.  Gainsley was only mildly injured.  Lamb and Savino were shocked that Dixon showed up and Lamb ordered Jack to keep Dixon out of it.  Yvonne was also upset with Dixon for his actions.

Byrne had a talk with one of Gainsley’s men, a high public official.  The acting sheriff tried to take Jack into protective custody because of Gainsley.  Jack refused and everyone in the sheriff’s office had their guns ready to back him up.  Byrne and his men showed up to take Jack and Dixon into custody instead – to save their lives.

Vegas Season FinaleSavino tried to leave town when Lamb showed up.  Byrne, Jack and Dixon drove up to take both Savino and Lamb into custody as well.  Savino would not go for it and drove off.  He quickly stopped the car, jumped out and came back to yell at Lamb when a huge explosion occurred blowing Savino’s then-empty car into pieces.

Savino, Lamb, Jack, Dixon, Byrne and Savino’s men paid a visit to a hit man named Jones to enlist his help with Gainsley.  Lamb and Jack had a brotherly heart-to-heart over the situation.  Later, Savino and Lamb took Jones to Gainsley’s place, dropped him off and gave him a gun for the job.  They were to meet up at the slaughter house.  Jones was honest with the guard as to his purpose telling him he would be ready to make a deal with Gainsley to spare his life.

Savino, Lamb, Jack, and the rest assembled themselves in the slaughter house awaiting Jones and Gainsley.  Gainsley asked Jones who put him up to this and Jones gave a story of the plan.  Jones offered to help kill them instead for $20,000.

All men ended up in the slaughter house with guns drawn on Gainsley and his men.  Jones kept up with his plan with Lamb and the rest turning on Gainsley who was a little surprised.  Keys were handed over to Jones and he was told never to return and with that, he left.  Lamb had his gun pointed at Gainsley’s back, but instead of taking the shot he took him into custody surprising Savino and the others as well.  Savino pulled out his gun to shoot Gainsley himself when Byrne drove up and took Gainsley off.

Vegas Season FinaleLamb went to see Katherine in the hospital when Dixon showed up.  They talked about what happened with Gainsley and how neither of them were able to pull the trigger on Gainsley.  Yvonne waited for Dixon outside the room and the two walked off arm-in-arm.

Jack showed up at Mia’s explaining himself.  Getting down on one knee to propose, Jack saw Tommy in the back of the room in nothing but a towel.  Tommy and Mia had spent the night together.  Jack left brokenhearted.  Mia seemed brokenhearted as well.

Savino talked to his men about rebuilding the Tumbleweed Club when Lamb walked up.  The two had a brief laugh together and Savino tried to get Lamb on his payroll.  Lamb explained that he was sheriff again.

The Analysis

This was a great finale of Vegas!  Everyone getting together to gang up on Gainsley was awesome – even Byrne jumping in to help was a pleasant surprise!  They were able to take him down, take him in, and wash their hands of him.

The heartbreak on this episode was Mia and Jack’s breakup.  Her jumping into bed with Tommy sealed the deal for sure.  I felt awful when Jack spotted Tommy in the towel, but not as bad as Mia felt.  It was obvious the two were both broken up over the whole thing.  Mia’s thought that this is how it had to be because she was a mobster and he was the law made sense, but was still a bummer.  I loved those two together.

The ending to this finale was perfect.  Savino offering Lamb a job and Lamb showing Savino he was back in charge as sheriff was great.  All was right in Las Vegas again.

What is not great; however, is that this season finale was actually the series finale.  CBS announced yesterday that Vegas has been canceled.  I will sure miss it and hope that another network will choose to pick it up.  There really is no other show like it on TV, so it is a shame to see it end.

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  1. Tim Wardrip May 11, 2013 at 11:57 pm

    I agree, I really hope word gets out and another network picks it up, Hell this series had more viewers than any of NBCs shows and competed well with the ABC series. Tim Wardrip

  2. Sandy May 12, 2013 at 10:33 am

    Well, let’s keep our fingers crossed, Tim!

  3. Eric Armstrong May 14, 2013 at 11:43 pm

    I’m not buying the notion that Mia is a victim in this. Mia couldn’t have been too broken up about it seeing is she was the one who slept with another man in the middle of confessing how much she loves Jack! Regardless of how they made had her making the puppy dog eyes with the lame ‘I’m sorry” she came off like a cheap whore in how quick she slept with the first guy that smiled and flirted with her! Yea, Mia was really conflicted, not buying it!!

  4. Sandy May 16, 2013 at 7:15 am

    You make a good point, Eric. But, I think she slept with Tommy to convince herself she could get over Jack AND that, that is the kind of woman she really is (although I don’t know that she is). Too bad we won’t get to find out! — still hoping the show gets picked up elsewhere.

  5. Chris Ramos May 20, 2013 at 9:25 pm

    I’m sorry but I don’t think we watched the same show. I felt insulted by this finale, as either a season or a series finale; it made no sense. Specifically, Sheriff Lamb’s choice made no sense. Gainsley wasn’t in hiding. The FBI didn’t need to be led to him. If they already had enough to arrest him, they could have easily gone to his house to pick him up. Now, the argument could be made that they didn’t have enough until he attempted to kill Lamb, but that’s ridiculous, too. The armed men that he intended to “murder” were on his property. He’d be back on the street in an hour. After we invested 20 hours in this show, we deserved a little bit of respect from the writers. This was an infuriating finale to a show I really liked.

  6. Sandy May 22, 2013 at 7:10 am

    Chris, interesting thoughts – what do you think would have been a better finale? Thanks for sharing!

  7. Sandy May 22, 2013 at 7:10 am

    Chris, interesting thoughts – what do you think would have been a better finale? Thanks for sharing!

  8. Sandy May 22, 2013 at 7:10 am

    Chris, interesting thoughts – what do you think would have been a better finale? Thanks for sharing!

  9. Sandy May 22, 2013 at 7:10 am

    Chris, interesting thoughts – what do you think would have been a better finale? Thanks for sharing!