‘The Hangover- Part III’ Full Length Trailer

The Wolfpack is back! Few weeks back we were given a teaser trailer for the final Hangover film, which assured us this was no longer a carbon-copy of the first two films. While this does have a different feel than the last two, I’m not quite sure if I’m impressed with what I see. However, don’t let my opinion sway your judgement. Check out the full Hangover 3 trailer for yourself below!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=96TelFMZwHc]

Hangover 3 trailerOne of the highlights from the Hangover 3 trailer for me is the small glimpse of Baby Carlos. I’ve missed that dude. My largest complaint is the exhausted comedic performance of Ken Jeong as Leslie Chow. How many times can the song “I believe I can fly” be used to achieve a comedic response? Admittingly, I’m still hoping for the best and will most likely run to the theaters to watch it opening weekend.

The Hangover- Part III opens everywhere May 24th!

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