‘Vegas’ Recap: 1.16 – Little Fish (Spoilers)

Vegas rarely disappoints and this week is no exception.  Sheriff Lamb tried to take down the leader of a prostitution ring and Dixon tried to solidify his relationship with Violet.

The Breakdown

After busting down a motel room door to save an underage girl from prostituting herself further; Sheriff Lamb also busted her customer Frank Olmstead; who turned out to be an employee of the Savoy working for Mia.  Lamb attempted to get the girl (Patricia) to give up her pimp with a variety of mild threats, none of which worked.

VegasDixon continued to carry on his relationship with Violet, the beautiful actress staying at the Savoy.  After finding out that no matter how good their relationship was that Violet had no plans to dump her boss or stop being “his girl”, Dixon resorted to other means to make that happen.  He cut a deal with the head of entertainment at the Savoy who in turn cut a deal with the clerk at the sheriff’s office.  Dixon’s plan worked – too well.  His lovely Violet ended up heading back to sunny California for a bigger part in her boss’s new movie.

Jack continued his quest to expose Vincent Savino by busting into his office.  After some fists were thrown, Jack accomplished his goal of planting a bug on Savino’s phone.  Sheriff Lamb was amused and thrilled that they would be able to listen to Savino’s phone calls – they plan to gather something – anything to finally take Savino down.

Little FishLamb held the young prostitute as long as he could at the sheriff’s office, but suddenly her “mother” showed up to take her home.  As it turned out, the woman claiming to be the girl’s mother was a compulsive gambler sent in by Mia – after another deal was made – to get the girl out.  Mia’s motive was to eliminate the leverage that the Feds had on Olmstead (Mia’s employee) so that they could not push him to testify against Savino, Mia and the skimming operation they have been running at the Savoy.

VegasWhat happened to Patricia the underage prostitute?  Mia took care of her by handing her an envelope of cash and sending her to a girl’s home in Chicago to start a better life.  The girl asked Mia for a favor which brought Mia to Jack at the sheriff’s office with a letter.  Jack gave the sheriff the letter which explained she was leaving and gave him the name and address he had been looking for – her pimp.

Mia showed her toughness once again when she told Olmstead that he would not have the opportunity to talk again.  The thug who accompanied her began beating the man as Mia slowly walked out of the room.

The Analysis

“Let’s make a deal” should have been the title of this episode.  Sheriff Lamb tried to make a deal with Patricia, Dixon made a deal with the head of entertainment at the Savoy who made a deal with the sheriff’s office clerk, the Feds tried to make a deal with Olmstead, and Mia made a deal with the gambler to get Patricia out of Sheriff Lamb’s custody. 

VegasSome deals succeeded while some failed, but what did not fail was the entertainment value in this episode.  Vegas continued to entertain and please its audience; at least this viewer was pleased. 

Each show contains enough stimulating drama, exciting action and creative storyline to keep up with the goal of showing what happened in Sin City decades ago.  But at the same time, there are enough interesting characters, personal drama and amusing exchanges to keep viewers coming back for more.  Personally, I think the show gets better with every episode and is growing into a great TV drama. 

I just hope that its move from Tuesday to Friday nights does not hurt the ratings.


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