The Best Movies of March 2017, Ranked Worst to First

The Best Movies of March 2017, Ranked Worst to First'Logan', Twentieth Century Fox
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After the first two slower months of the year presented some interesting movies, and a couple of really special ones, March is here and it is time for the big budget blockbusters to start rolling out.

The first superhero movie of the year is here in Logan and two new franchises get a true start in Kong and Power Rangers. Add in a new Disney live-action movie, a fun sci-fi monster movie, and an animated flick, and you have a nice start to the movie season.

Here is a look at the best movies from March 2017.

Movies we have not yet seen: Before I Fall, The Shack, Beauty and the Beast, The Belko Experiment, CHiPs, Life, The Boss Baby, Ghost in the Shell, Step Sisters

The Best Movies of March 2017, Ranked Worst to First

Kong: Skull Island, Warner Bros.

3. Kong: Skull Island

It isn’t a first place movie but this is a movie that I would recommend to anyone who loves King Kong or giant monster movies in general. It is a great re-introduction to King Kong, who is not presented as a true monster – as in an evil creature – but also doesn’t tread on the stories told in the past about people bringing Kong to the U.S. and then killing him. This movie is just a ton of fun and has some amazing monster vs. monster action, scenes that the trailers never once betray. Such a fun movie.


The Best Movies of March 2017, Ranked Worst to First

Power Rangers, Lionsgate

2. Power Rangers

I didn’t expect to like Power Rangers, as it looked like they took the cheesy TV show that we all loved as a guilty pleasure and turned it into a young adult movie series instead. However, while that is exactly what they did, it still ended up being better than I never believed it could. The movie really showcased one of the most diverse cast of characters in a superhero movie (which is what this is) and kept a lot of the fun and cheeky in-jokes intact. This movie really worked and I am interested in seeing the proposed sequels.


The Best Movies of March 2017, Ranked Worst to First

‘Logan’, Twentieth Century Fox

1. Logan

Honestly, this movie is nothing like any of the other X-Men movies and it might be better to just look at Logan as the final chapter in the saga of Wolverine. Don’t look for continuity in this movie with the others and just watch it for a touching, heartbreaking, and gut-wrenching tale of the most beloved of all the X-Men characters. Logan is a perfect conclusion to Wolverine’s story and delivers on just about every level.


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