It took almost 10 years, tremendous amounts of effort and sheer persuasion, heavy marketing, and an entire fandom’s support, to get Deadpool on the big screen. The writers, producers, and actor Ryan Reynolds poured their blood, sweat, and tears into getting this movie out to the public. Even more, they lobbied for their favorite anti-hero to get the green light for an R-rated experience, which was troublesome enough.

Few people are aware of the exceptional effort it took to get Deadpool done the way it was and exactly how it deserved to be. The studio didn’t believe it would gather a big audience if it would not be suitable for children due to the R-rating.  A superhero movie that kids can’t watch? That would dramatically lower their sales, right? Wrong.

The hard work paid off, and they were convinced into letting the team create this spectacular R-rated extravaganza filled with graphic violence, sex, and harsh language. Deadpool had a budget of just $58 million, which is actually very, very small for a superhero movie. And yet, it all paid off, because it made over $500 million.

Deadpool’s success told the studios one important thing: R-rated superhero movies work. They can make money, and they’re certainly well received. With perfect casting, just the right tone, doing justice to the character, and great humor, Deadpool was a smashing success. And now, we’re getting a sequel with Deadpool 2, even though Collider reported that the budget will not be dramatically increased. The team behind it believed in the movie so much that it was announced in the end credits, Ferris Bueller-style.


Other than a sequel, we were also informed that a beloved character will be making an appearance in the next movie: Cable. The gist of it is that Cable is the son of Scott Summers, aka Cyclops, and Madelyne Pryor-Summers. He’s a highly accomplished fighter, well-versed in hand-to-hand combat, with psychic powers, endurance, and several other abilities.  You can delve deeper into his background at if you’re interested in the details.

How will he fit in with Deadpool 2? Well, considering you could compare his personality to that of a drill sergeant, there will be some clashes and a reluctant alliance with the Merc with a Mouth. So, expect a buddy cop sort of vibe for Deadpool 2, with an R-rated-superhero twist.

But who should play Cable?

Deadpool 2: 5 Actors Who Are Fit to Play Cable
20th Century Fox

Liam Neeson

One of the names in the industry who fits the title of “total badass” is Liam Neeson. He has been established as the vengeful father with a special set of skills, who will hunt you down and kill you if you kidnap his daughter, his wife, or him. In the DC universe, he was placed into the role of Ra’s Al Ghul, the brilliant and skillful assassin who prepared many warriors, led the infamous League of Assassins, and trained Batman himself. However, perhaps the X-Men universe is ready to find a place for him as well.

Neeson would be a perfect fit for Cable in Deadpool 2 because he’s gone through combat training, has the intimidating voice, and the potential gruff appearance of a severe and strict character. He can handle the physical demands of the part, and he can certainly pull off a hardcore character like Cable. Fans have already started to ask for him through fan art that shows how well he could fit the role.

Stephen Lang

Ever since the breaking of the news, Stephen Lang has been a fan favorite to play the gruff Cable. If you think his face looks familiar, it’s because he’s most well-known for his role in Avatar. Yes, he played the serious, border-lining on cruel, commander who wanted Pandora destroyed. His face carried the scars of his past, and his tough demeanor was precisely what the situation needed. Sound familiar? It’s sort of what one would need for Cable.

The character will likely not be an antagonist in Deadpool 2, but more like the “good cop” in this odd partnership. However, as Ryan Reynolds pointed out, any “villain” or “bad guy” in a Deadpool movie will technically be the hero. Deadpool isn’t exactly your typical lead, all out for the sake of good. So, anyone who is “good” in his movie is actually “bad”. It makes sense if you think about it. Lang could surely pull it off from a physical standpoint. And he would probably not stretch the studio’s budget like Liam Neeson would.

And best of all, he wants that part, so it’s not just us.

Alec Baldwin

That’s right, even though he may sound like an unconventional choice, Alec Baldwin has no shortage of fans who want to see him in the role of Cable in Deadpool 2. Go with us here. Baldwin has proven himself to be an incredibly versatile actor, from Oscar nominations to comedic brilliance. He has shown his comedic chops in series such as 30 Rock or through appearances on Saturday Night Live. Baldwin has a long list of accomplishments that should certainly keep him in the running.

Deadpool 2: 5 Actors Who Are Fit to Play Cable
Universal Pictures

Keep in mind that, beyond all else, Deadpool was brilliantly funny. Even if Cable is not exactly the town crack-up, Baldwin would fit in great with the scene and possibly doing some improv with Ryan Reynolds. He has the right face, hair, and perfect voice for Cable. The actor would fit the part, even though he is not literally fit. However, Hollywood actors have shown themselves more than capable of slimming down and bulking up for superhero roles.

Jon Hamm

You’ve seen him in Mad Men showing off his acting skills. He’s in shape, he’s tall, and has the look that could fit a war-worn soldier. Not to mention the fact that Hamm is definitely massive enough to pull off the part after only a month or two at the gym. He’s an award-winning actor, with a Golden Globe for Best Actor under his belt for his role in Mad Men. His name is out there, and he will help the movie.

And you know who else is lobbying for him? Comic book artist and writer, Rob Liefeld, who has already tweeted a mock-up of how Hamm would look as Cable. And we’ve got to admit, it looks pretty good. We can see him pulling off that part. He has the face for it, even though he may appear a little younger than Cable himself. However, with a bit of make-up and possibly some clever dyeing of his hair, Hamm could bring his exceptional acting skills to the fold in Deadpool 2.

Ray Stevenson

Just take a look at Stevenson and say he’s not intimidating. It’s the face of a serious, hardcore, and potentially deadly character who is ready to take down bad guys. Sure, Stevenson already played the Punisher in the Marvel universe, but that doesn’t have to mean anything. Perhaps he will be given a second chance to show off his physical fitness and skills at portraying a warrior of justice. Stranger things have happened.

After all, actor Chris Evans was given a second role by Marvel after he played Johnny Storm in the first Fantastic Four movie. And, now, we cannot picture someone better in the shoes and blue tights of Captain America. Maybe the same could be done for Stevenson. He has the face, the physique, the combat training, and he probably wouldn’t put a huge indent in the studio’s already limited budget for Deadpool 2.

Deadpool 2: 5 Actors Who Are Fit to Play Cable
Lionsgate Films

Ultimately, in Marvel movies we trust, because both Fox and Marvel have made some exceptional casting choices. The two studios have placed many actors into the perfect roles, such as Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo, Tom Hiddleston, and last but definitely not least, Ryan Reynolds.

If you think you can find someone better than them for those parts, we’re sorry, but you’re just plain wrong and stubbornly sticking to your guns. We can theorize, hope, and assume, but we can rest assured that Fox will make the right choice when it comes to casting Cable in Deadpool 2.


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