Top 5 Anticipated Summer Movies 2015 (Sandi’s Picks)

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I’m starting and finishing my summer movie watching early it seems.

In order of opening days, my Top 5 are:

May 1 – Avengers: Age of Utron

Avengers: Age of Utron is the tale of a Tony Stark idea gone very wrong. Still, who can resist Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man and company as they wreak havoc once more. Bring it on!

May 22 – Tommorowland

Any movie with George Clooney gets me into a theater seat, but I’ve been waiting for Tomorrowland for a long time. It’s a tale of a place beyond time and space and the search for it by a former boy-genius and a girl who loves science who both remember this fantastical place.

June 12 – Jurassic World

We’re going back to Isa Nublar for Jurassic World. A scheme to increase visitors to the decade-old Jurassic Park goes horrible wrong. Yes. I’m rooting for the dinosaurs this time out.

June 19 – Inside Out

Pixar returns with what looks like big fun in Inside Out. We see the teenage years as never before as a girl’s emotions squabble over control of behavior. This time we get to see the various emotions duke it out. Listen for the voices of Diane Lane, Mindy Kaling, Amy Poehler and Kyle McLaughlin.

July 10 – Minions

I cannot help it, I’m a sucker for those naughty, gibberish speaking henchmen known as Minions. I have laughed at the trailers showing they have horrible luck in choosing villains to help and it gets no better here. Should be hilarious.

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Other movies I want to see include Magic Mike XXL on July 3, Pan, which stars Hugh Jackson, on July 17 (Deadline reported this week that Pan has been moved to October 9), and the lone August offering, The Man From U.N.C.L.E. on Aug. 14.

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