Famous and Forgotten WWE Matches of the 2000s, Part 2

WWE matches
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I have been so bored lately. All my friends suck, and I can’t do anything with them so I’ve been stuck in my house for the last week doing absolutely nothing. I did however finally get an appointment with Sarge Jackson for the 28th, so hopefully I can get this Air Force stuff rolling sooner rather than later. Anyway, let’s get on to the good stuff…


Matt Hardy vs Finlay (Finlay’s Debut on Smackdown) January 20, 2006

Commentary: Smackdown was in a horrible state in early 2006. Batistia, the guy they were banking on for their big Wrestlemania plan, suffered an injury that kept him out for months. The roster was just not that good around then, and it led to them using the same handful of big guys. Undertaker, Mark Henry, Randy Orton, Kurt Angle, Booker T and Rey Mysterio. This also led to inane pushes to guys like Orlando Jordan and Davari. Why they didn’t push Benoit as a more main event player around this time is beyond me because they needed as much as they could get.

Finlay is so stiff, it causes Matt to quit being such a puss, and get stiff as fuck back. This is honestly probably the best singles Matt Hardy match I’ve seen.

Matt Hardy goes for a baseball slide, so Finlay reverses it by pulling up the paper off the apron and stopping him with it. Love that spot. Finlay stiffs Matt Hardy in the ropes for too long and loses because of DQ. Pussy ass Ref. Finlay decides to show the Ref why YOU SHOULD dq someone, AND THEN STOMPS MATT HARDY’S HEAD ON THE STEPS!!!! WHAT A BADASS!!!!

3.5/5.0 – Matt Hardy looked surprisingly good in this match, and Finlay got to beat the fuck out of Matt Hardy without decisively beating him. Did a good job of making me interested in Finlay as well, and making me want to see more of his matches, so job well done.


Edge © vs William Regal for the IC Championship Royal Rumble 2002

Commentary: Royal Rumble is being sponsored by Final Fantasy X. FUCK FINAL FANTASY!!! I need to destroy my cop of The Spirits Within because it’s such a shitty movie.


Regal kills Edge with a sick Dragon Suplex. William Regal is the perfect opponent for cheesy 2002 face Edge. Edge needs someone who will beat him down enough for you to want him to come back, but also is good enough to play a good heel. Regal plays that role perfectly, while Edge’s match with Benoit from the last column… Benoit’s stiff enough, but he doesn’t really have the heel personality to go along with it.


Sweet spot were Regal reverses the Edgecution into the Regal Stretch. This is the Regal they need to push more, Regal is PERFECT as a midcard badass heel who’s stiff as fuck, and hard to beat. Not as some guy who loses to whoever in two minutes. Regal uses the Referee as a human shield to not get hit by the shield, and then kos Edge with the brass knucks for the win. Sweet!

4.0/5.0 – I think I might’ve been over criticizing face Edge because here he was the shit! Edge does have his cheesy Cena-like comeback, but he doesn’t always win with it. Also, Edge seems to be a lot more vulnerable than Cena as in he has to go to other ways of winning the match, and actually gets hurt, and has a chance of losing the match cleanly. Regal was on top spot here as the ultimate badass stiff heel, just planting Edge whenever he tried to come back. And the great part was that Edge didn’t look overly strong against Regal here either…. If Regal hadn’t pulled out the brass knucks it’s possible that Regal would’ve been able to win cleanly. THIS is how a good midcard feud should be done, with complex dimensions, and interesting, vulnerable characters instead of the bullshit “everyone is even, 50/50 shit” we have now…. Where nothing really means anything, and no one really stands out.


Edge vs Shawn Michaels Street Fight Raw January, 22, 2007

Commentary: Shawn Michaels is not fucking around in this match. He starts off by tearing off Edge’s shirt, and whipping him hard as fuck with a belt. Shawn Michaels definitely should’ve won the Royal Rumble 2007. This is the Raw leading up to that, and putting Undertaker over Shawn Michaels, in his hometown… when both guys were going to Wrestlemania anyway… was just retarded booking.

We go to commercial, and when we come back Shawn is bleeding like a stuck pig.

Watching matches like these really make me miss WWE when it was TV 14. When they wanted to get hardcore, they could do it in spades… and were never really going to get anything this badass again from WWE…. Until maybe Vince McMahon dies (but then the companies going to be taken over by his doofus son in law, and his stupid daughter…. I LOVE YOU PUNK!!!!).

Shawn Michaels is bleeding so much he looks like Sting when he was in the Wolfpack. Shawn opens up Edge, but it’s pretty pussy compared to SHAWN’S ENTIRE FUCKING FACE FULL OF BLOOD!!!! Shawn pancakes Edge onto the ladder in a sick spot! Then he follows it with an elbowdrop from halfway across the fucking ring!!!

Edge tries to reverse the Superkick into a Electric Chair but he botches the spot pretty badly. Woud’ve looked so cool if he didn’t fuck it up. And the countdown to the super obvious Randy Orton run in….. And there it is.

5.0/5.0 – This is as fucking great as a street fight gets. These guys were just brutalizing each other, and the momentum was shifting like crazy. Really well done, and again, makes me miss the TV 14 era when guys would just randomly do cool shit like that. Looking at the product now it’s pretty obvious why Raw has lost its cool factor.


Chris Jericho vs Test KOTR Qualifying Match Raw June 8, 2000

Commentary: Not only was Chris Jericho super cool in 2000, he was also extra sexy ;)

Trish Stratus is with Test, and she’s looking extra yummy too.


Trish Stratus had her face stuck up Rikishi’s ass…. That’s pretty gross. I’m assuming Trish didn’t blow Vince that week or something…. NOT REALLY – TRISH STRATUS IS STILL A VIRGIN AND WOULD NEVER HAVE SEX WITH SOMEONE TO FURTHER HER CAREER!!! Fuck Hyatte, Trish is all mine!

Test works pretty good in six minute matches…

Jericho goes for a Lionsault but Trish hits him with her boot. I’d be so honored to get hit by Trish Stratu’s boot….

Jericho wins with the Lionsault because he’s Chris Jericho, babyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!

3.5/5.0 – Its Canadian warfare!!!! Pretty decent big guy vs little guy match, but Test really didn’t get to look like that big of a threat because of the short length of the match.



RVD and Booker T vs Christian and Matt Hardy Jan 19, 2004

Commentary: Booker T’s 2004 theme song was so weird. It was just some guy yelling CAN YOU DIG IT!? Over and over again. It kind of sounds like a bad 80s rap song.

This edition has had TWO Matt Hardy matches! That’s two more than I ever intended to have in this whole series.

RVD was pretty exciting back in 2004, but then they stuck him on Smackdown for like two years and had him do nothing but boring formula bullshit. Every match he had was just his same spotty shit and he started to suck… and didn’t really get good again ‘till like… 2006. Y’know, when he had a good reason to.

Coach is the Interim General Manager of Raw because its MLK day… I guess. Fucking sweet, Coach kicks ass. The whole arena is super smoky because of someone’s pyro. Must be a pain in the ass to wrestle in a smoky ring…

Have you ever seen Booker T’s mugshot from when he got arrested back in the 80s for robbing Wendy’s? It’s one of the funniest things you’ll ever see… he has this huge shit eating grin on his face.

3.5/5.0 – Pretty good match but a bit ADD for me. The fast pace kind of fucked with the story, but it was still pretty decent, and I liked the odd pairing of tag team partners. That’s something they really never do anymore, tag random midcarders up with other random midcarders. Of course, the whole midcard division is so boring these days it doesn’t really matter….


Chavo Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio, Rey Mysterio’s Debut, Smackdown July 25, 2002

Commentary: Ending this one with Mysterio’s debut on Smackdown 2002, because, well why not? What’s annoying about this video is its from the actual WWE page, but the sound quality is terrible.

Mysterio really does a great job of making himself a fan favorite three minutes into the match. His debut match, he’s exciting, fast paced, and sells great. The fans are all over Chavo when he starts working over Rey, AND HE’S ONLY BEEN IN THE WWE FOR THREE FUCKING MINUTES AT THIS POINT!!!!

Five minutes in the fans are chanting, “Let’s go Rey, Rey,” and popping for everything he does. Mysterio was made for wrestling dammit!

Sweet spot were Rey’s doing some weird rap around shit and Chavo reverses it in a split second to a Gory Bomb!

Rey finishes Chavo off with a really fast 619.

4.0/5.0 – Pretty basic story of Chavo keeping Rey down, and Rey coming back as the underdog babyface. However, Rey did such a great job of getting the fans into it, and making his comebacks exciting, that its one of the best underdog story matches I’ve ever seen… which is pretty amazing considering that its Rey’s debut in the WWE, AND the match is only eight minutes… but Chavo and Rey have the fans by the balls. Great match.

Closing Comments:

Going over these 2000 shows, I’ve tried to pick the best matches out of the bunch to remain positive and enjoy the reviews. This time I think I did a pretty good job, while also having a good assortment from the time period. I’m going to try and continue to pick only good stuff from the shows… but it might become difficult so don’t be too surprised if next week I pick out some bad stuff and get negative.

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