Ok it sucks because NOTHING is on. I understand it is the holidays. Outside of watching 50 year old Charlie Brown specials (as for Chuck, he scored 2.7 million viewers) and Tim Allen Christmas movies. It would be nice if the shows that are mainstays could run until the season actually ends. Thanks writer strike of 2007-2008!

So here we are stuck with Peter Pan musicals, The Blacklist getting moved for a show that has no point, State Of Affairs (more on that later), and ABC protesting that it is so great to watch How to Get Away with Murder from the very beginning! I could hardly bear the show in the first run. Don’t get me wrong, I “like” the show, but I could do without watching flashbacks, every episode, of a murder that was committed collectively by the four stooges. I know it was technically Wes, but still…

There are three shows that are currently going to run new episodes.


I am a little hard on this show, however I do watch it every week. Having a police task force “stalk” the stalkers is getting good ratings. Having Dylan McDermott (Jack) stalk his baby momma in it’s own right is really entertaining. However if Maggie Q doesn’t get interesting, her stalker needs to stop plugging her friend and plug a slug in Maggie.


Henry and his power to elude death will still broadcast new episodes. This will determine if Henry outlives his own show.

State of Affairs

Katherine Heigl stars as Charleston “Charlie” Tucker, and this name was the show’s creators first mistake. Charlie is a sex crazed CIA nutcase. She is going crazy covering up the “accidental” murder of her fiance. Who also happened to be the President’s son. Considering that Madam President has so much skin in the game, NBC is still determined to make Alfre Woodard’s part as minimal as possible. If all else fails. Heigl can blame low ratings on President Obama, being he interrupted her show to do President stuff. We blame him for everything else so why not?

So thanks to poor TV programming, the networks are cutting the new shows quickly here is a recap of what you will not see in January, or ever.

 The Hatchet




Red Band Society 

OK, Fox is doing something weird. I have no idea why. They have not cancelled Red Band Society officially but they did pull it. The last episodes will air, umm… whenever they air. I honestly have no idea when they first run. I have been watching this show on demand. I have no idea when it airs, but I did have an affinity for it for personal reasons. So there’s one last episode. It’s sad, just when Comma kid is not so much comma kid anymore. Being that he is now the blinker. Or was the blinker. He will now be the unemployed. As for Fox, they have not cancelled this next show but they have moved it to 7:30 EST.


It won’t be long. John avoid the strike-through for one more month or so. I think Fox is only holding on because John was a writer from SNL that works with Bill Hader a lot. NBC was hesitant to cancel the show “Whitney,” due to her being a writer on CBS’s 2 Broke Girls. Unfortunately John doesn’t have a hit show on another network.

As for the show, Mulaney, I still do not understand how a show with so much talent is failing. Mulaney is an awesome writer. Nasim Pedrad killed SNL. (I secretly hope she comes back, but I know this isn’t happening). Martin Short is fantastic at playing insane. Seaton Smith is actually the bright spot of this show. The downside could be that Mulaney’s opening is rehashed from his stand-up special titled “New In town.” The special was very funny, and this is obviously not translating to the show. Mulaney is trying to do an updated version of Seinfeld, he’s just doing it wrong.

Members Only 

Never knew this was a show. It is embarrassing for John Stamos. Edit: it ever aired.


The Queen Latifah Show

Sullivan & Son

Hot in Cleveland


The Millers

I thought this show was canned last season.



Franklin & Bash


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