The Newsroom

One of the smartest shows on TV is back for its final season. The Newsroom jumped right in where they left off (in news coverage) by retelling the Boston Marathon tragedy. It seems that the underlying alternative plot of this season will be Neal’s part in espionage, yup slumdog millionaire is a traitor, sorta. When a unknown source sent him secret DOD documents. The problem is that Neal told his source how to get the documents off of the government server to a device where Neal could view it. It will be so sad to see this show end.

The Ultimate Fighter

It seems like this show comes on whenever it wants or I really don’t remember that it’s on. But when I do I love the drama that these tough chicks bring week in and week out. I have no idea who fought, I can’t remember the name of the woman who won. But I love seeing these women go toe for toe. Yep, thats pretty sexiest but its true.

Blacklist (Fall Finale)

I am not impressed

Hollywood film awards

There is a reason this awards show has never been televised. For the first time in history the mass public received a showing of the Hollywood Film Awards. Honestly this seemed like an awards show in it’s first year. But Hollywood assured us that these awards have been going on since the dawn of film in the year of 1999. Really 17 years? Ok so who cares how long they have been around. A night to see Hollywood’s finest beating out their fellow thespians in an award show is always great. Nope, didn’t happen either. There were no nominees mentioned at the awards. The HFA was more like the lifetime achievement award that every awards show gives out to a pre-determined person. So each award was introduced to the winner. I do not know if this is a joke but I was told that the HFA only gives awards to actors/actresses that show up. If you don’t show up you don’t win an award. Well I was not the only person that thought that this awards show was horrible. The HFA got a rating of 0.5. Which is horrible even for anything on a friday night. So as I said in the beginning, there was a reason why this show hasn’t been televised and it will never be televised again.


The Hatchet




A to Z

Bad Judge

The Miller’s

Sorta canceled

Mulaney was moved t7:30 with Bob burgers moved to 9:30. However Mulaney want shown to today because of pre planned football coverage.


What were waiting for next week

Scandal (Fall Finale)

How to get away with murder (Fall Finale)

State of Affairs

Watch It Live!

Madam Secretary


American Horror Story


The Newsroom

Agents of Shield

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