The Flash

Ok last week I said I was going to give this show another shot and I did. I am secretly falling in love with the Flash. I do however wonder if am I falling in love with the actual show or Tom Cavanagh playing Harrison Wells. Cavanagh is truly the best part of the show. That is not to knock the writing or any of the other actors. This show is doing criminals right. Although the villains are not getting much of a back-story, they are being portrayed well. I am secretly placing this as my second favorite comic book styled show, behind Gotham. Apparently 1.7 million people agree with me and for the CW 1.7 is a smash.


Most of the episodes (the 3 or so that exist) fit into that category of: something major happens, Homeland Security has no idea what to do, so let’s call in our team of geeks to save the day. This episode actually drove away from that theme. Walter and the team take an outside job in Vegas. The team solves the case, but upon leaving the casino, get caught in the casino getting robbed. Because Walter senses a robbery by saying “there is going to be a robbery,” seeing men with guns, he gets framed for it. This puts his team with no where to go after Happy breaks back into the casino and Walter breaks out of jail. Neither of which helps them clear their name. They finally call Gallows to get them out of their bind, which had the casino’s bosses daughter robbing the place because she feels left out. But like most criminals, she admits that she robbed the casino while in the presence of Toby. It reminds me of a 1960’s Batman episode. Where the only way that the criminal gets caught is because they decided to tell their plan to Batman before (attempting) to kill him.

It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

Halloween is NEVER complete without a Charlie Brown episode. It’s not like I haven’t seen this before a thousand times but I love watching anything Charlie Brown. The airing of this episode reminds me that Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and Christmas episodes are just around the corner. Damn the year moves fast.

Saturday Night Live

Bill Hader finally came back to host the show. This was almost a flawless episode. Kristen Wig had a few brief appearances. This was a perfect show from the Herb Welch segment, 39 cents, and Hader playing Al Pacino in a Hollywood Game Night sketch. The weekend update segment was KILLED in rare fashion the way Stefon could ONLY do. I was on the edge of my seat wondering if Hader would do Stefon again, as he said he was going to kill the character when he left the show. But low and behold, before Michal Che could even part his lips to mention New York City, the crowd roared and SNL faithful knew just who was coming to the weekend update desk. Hader, as Stefon, broke character a few times and it reminded me of the good old days when John Mulaney would switch the cue cards to keep Harder on his toes. Upon further review, it was Mulaney. Bravo, ya got him one last time!

The Hatchet

The Lottery 

Watch It LIVE!

There is only ONE show that I am looking forward to, That would be the 2nd to last episode of Boardwalk Empire. Shit is about to hit the fan.


Sons of Anarchy

The Walking Dead

Madam Secretary

The Simpson: Treehouse of Horrors


The World Series


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