The Flash

I watched the premier episode of this show yesterday. It may have been the only time I’ve watched the CW. I am on the fence about this show.  No it didn’t compare to Gotham or Agents of SHIELD.  But those shows are on prime networks and have a bigger budgets. There is something off about this show. Maybe i’m just not used to watching shows on the CW.

American Horror Story: Freak Show

One of my favorite shows is back. I honestly don’t know how the main cast members are used in every season but keep the show fresh.  The first episode started out slow but the first episode usually does for AHS. I can’t wait to see Angela Bassett in the coming weeks.  I felt that her and Kathy Bates made an otherwise dull season (C0ven) bearable to watch.


Stalker is one of the best new shows. I feel that Dylan McDermott got a raw deal with the failure of his last stint with CBS  the show Hostages. Stalker as the name implies follows a police task force that solves Stalking cases. In most cases the team gets these cases after the victim is dead. Leaving the meaning behind this show pointless.

Big Ten Treasure Hunter

The popularity of shows like Storage Wars, American Pickers and Auction Hunters has every TV station trying to duplicate that success.  Big Ten Treasure Hunter is the Big 10 version of people rummaging through what would normally look like junk to normal people.  Except the finds on BTTH are actually quite good.  These collectors have everything imaginable. From ticket subs, signed jerseys and even pieces of the floor from Big 10 basketball arenas. I thought this show was going to be lousy but I enjoyed it.


After a fairly decent rating draw during it’s first season (March-May). Resurrection is back less than four months after the first season aired. I have never seen a show have 3-4 month grace period before starting the second season. It also seems as if it may have hurt the show, which now scores 5 million less viewers than the “1st: season. As far as the actual show goes it is getting a little weird. I still have to praise Resurrection for doing something that “The Leftovers” fails to do. Wondering why. Resurrection never lost sight of why the show exists. (Trying to find out why people are coming back from the dead) As opposed to the Leftovers acting as if everything is normal. If the Leftovers’ storyline didn’t have the fact that people just up and disappeared. The show would just be about a few screwed up individuals. Resurrection doesn’t have that problem. In fact Resurrection may have diluted their storyline a little too much. In the end of the first season it seemed like anyone and everyone came back from the grave. Even the lead Martin Bellamy. One thing that the show has not touched on is the fact that in the season 1 finale. A black girl and her parents came back from the dead. They also mentioned that the had a son that died. One noticeable mark on the boy was a birthmark on his neck. In the closing scenes of the show, Martin Bellamy was shown with this birthmark. Leading to believe that Bellamy is one of the Resurrected. Now in the few episodes in season 2. We learn that while in the custody of the FBI, Bellamy was shot and killed. Sometime afterward he is resurrected. Now the question that has not been answered is; has Bellamy been resurrected a second time? It’s as if the writer seem to forgot about the cliffhanger that ended season 1. Being almost 3 episodes into this season it doesn’t look like they plan on addressing it. Just going on with their new storyline instead.


I am very biased to this show. I was upset when NBC passed on this show last season. ( I now know why) Luckily for me Fox picked it up and the pilot recently aired. Bad news for me is that in Mulaney’s stand up scenarios (think of early episodes of Seinfeld) are used jokes from Mulaney’s last and most popular hour of stand up from the Comedy Central special titled “New in Town”. If you have never seen this special then these jokes are new and fresh to you. I on the other hand am saddened by the fact that this show will get cancelled (the ratings were horrible) because Mulaney is using stale material. The one new funny joke that this show had didn’t even come from Mulaney. It came from his roommate who like Mulaney plays a comedian. He had a set based on difficult women, thus referring that difficult woman that you know as the Problem Bitch! It’s sad that a show that has the legendary comedian Martin Short and SNL vet Nasim Pedrad ultimately has a Problem Bitch!


Can 6 million hispanics be wrong? I have no idea who this woman is and why anyone gave her a show. If anything Gabriel Iglesias should have been the basis of this show. Now he is reverted to a weak co-star that helps perpetuate every hispanic stereotype known to man. I understand that the show uses stereotypes in order to try to gain laughs but it fails miserably.

Bad Judge

The “Bad” franchise is wearing a little thin on me, from Bad Santa, Bad teacher (movie) to the Bad Teacher (TV series). I was hesitant to watch anything with the bad name on it. I gave this show a chance because it is produced by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay. Makers of most things funny. I was surprised. No this show is not perfect but it is actually watchable. Kate Walsh, delivers a great performance as the worst judge in the world. This show has me wondering what are the requirements to be a judge anyway?


This has got to be the worst show in the world. There is no way that people think that anyone talks Eliza. Honestly who in the world says Hashtag? The premise is a out of touch, socially (meaning online) popular chick getting a reserve makeover because she is a horrible person. This show is sure to be cancelled.

A to Z

The other worst show. It seems like all the new comedy pilots are destined to fail miserably. After the success of Cristin Milioti as the “mother”  (HIMYM) in which a role that gained popularity not because of her. NBC decided to throw an entire series at her. It failed miserably. The concept of the show is an real account of a relationship between Milioti (Zelda) and Ben Feldman (Andrew).Why people would want to watch the recap of a 8 month relationship is beyond me. Luckily we only get to bear through another week or two of their relationship before Milioti will go back to singing full-time.

The Hatchet




Under The Dome


Transparent (Amazon)


The Walking Dead

What were looking forward to next week?

Bill Hader’s return to Saturday Night Live

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