Face Off ‘Off With Their Heads’ Recap: Episode 07.12

The crew are met by award winning make up artist Michelle Burke (The Cell), for a foundation challenge. They are tasked with creating a victim of the greek mythological creature Medusa, who has turned to stone. Stella comes out on top, winning a Paasche spray booth (worth approx. $2000).

For the spotlight challenge the Contestants must choose a Greek God/Goddess to create, and make a severed head for their character to hold of a creature they slew.

The Assignments

  • Dina- Aphrodite
  • Sasha- Athena
  • Stella- Poseidon
  • Drew- Hades
  • George- Zeus
  • Cig- Apollo

Day One

The Contestants scramble, but Sasha is stumped on a concept for Athena. Not knowing much about greek mythology puts her at a disadvantage. Dina decides to add sea elements to her Aphrodite sculpt to represent her sea birth. Stella forgets to put release points in her mold, and struggles to get it open, which she eventually does. By the end of the day Sasha finally starts sculpting, deciding to make Athena turned to stone; while holding the head of Medusa.

Day Two

Having to do 2 make-ups, one for the head, one for the actual character puts everyone in a focused mood. There is a lot to get done before the end of day 2. Sasha’s Medusa head is really poorly done, being little more than sculpy snakes on a foam beauty mannequin. Cig realizes his sculpt is too similar to one from an earlier challenge, and re-sculpts an almost finished cowl. George’s Zeus looks more like Father Time, save for armor colored to look like the sky. It’s not looking good for Sasha or George.

Day Three

Stella over sculpts her cowl and face piece, and has to cut it down. After some work, she succeeds at hiding the rough seams. In some cases the severed heads look better than the Gods. There are several really well done paint jobs, including Drew & Cig’s. Drew’s win has helped his morale, he’s stepped up his game, becoming more competition. Cig’s paint really pops, but the edges on Apollo’s arms are really rough. Sasha is near falling apart when they head to the stage.


Joining the Panel for judging is Scott Wilson, who played Hershel on The Walking Dead. The Judges are blown away by Dina’s Aphrodite and Drew’s Hades, but extremely disappointed in Sasha’s work this week.








Winner: Dina

Sent Home:

I agree with the win, Dina’s sculpt and paint job were really lovely. I can’t believe how far and fast Sasha fell in the ranking, where others improved, her work continued to get worse. She deserved to go home. She has the skill,but lacks imagination and confidence.

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