This is one of the best weeks on TV. The shows were excellent, even the premieres. The other outstanding thing is that most shows received pretty good ratings. So their chance of being renewed are good. So don’t hesitate in watching any of these shows for fear of the hatchet. Except the last two shows listed.


Check. Your move Marvel. Gotham lived up to the hype that Fox created. We saw a young Jim Gordon get emerged in the crime-ridden city we have all come to love. The premiere had us watch the terrible incident that scarred a young Bruce Wayne.

Jada Pinkett plays the role of Fish Mooney, the leader of Gotham’s seedy underworld. The episode also did something that Marvel failed to do within the first few episodes of Agents of SHIELD –  give us a glimpse of villains. The season-long story will involve a young Oswald Cobblepot – The Penguin. We also saw a young Riddler and a very young Poison Ivy and Catwoman. It’s almost as if DC finally figured out Marvel’s mistakes.

Agents of SHIELD

This show started out with a bang. Even with my affection for Gotham, it doesn’t mean I love SHIELD any less. Marvel just corrected the mistakes from the first episode of the first season because we got villains! We got the promise of more villains and we got rid of Agent Ward, sort of. With the breakdown of SHIELD, maybe there is room for existing Marvel protagonists,  instead of trying to make new ones. May is still kicking ass. Skye learned how to fight and Fitz has gone crazy.

Skye’s origin, or some showing of superpowers, better emerge from this girl soon because I fear that she is not keeping the audience’s attention as much as Marvel hoped. Sorry, she is just not hot enough.

There is one thing I fear for when it comes to SHIELD. Monday is a horrible night to compete. With the success of Gotham, I fear Fox and DC may try to gain ratings and jab at Marvel and switch Gotham to Tuesday. I hope I’m wrong but if if happens don’t say I didn’t warn you.


A hacker genius with his three dorky friends meets Homeland Security. What could go wrong? They have all of the answers, except the answer to the question that, if you have a runway and you are trying to land a plane, why is it easier to steal a Ferrari, drive it at 100mph in order to connect an Ethernet cable to connect to a back up that is on the plane, instead of landing plane in said runway?

Then we don’t have to risk the life of the dumb waitress that can’t figure out her son is playing chess with a salt and pepper shaker and 30 packets of sugar and upside down creamer cups. THEY SORTA LOOK LIKE PAWNS. How is this hard to notice?

Despite my rage, I really did enjoy the show.


Crap I forgot to write my recap, being caught in the anticipation of writing this post.

How To Get Away with Murder

You don’t get a better rating than Gray’s Anatomy and Scandal by being a horrible show. This show is so good I want to go back and watch Private Practice. Professor Annalise Keating gathers her new class and runs them through the ringer on the first day. Keating offers her best students an opportunity to work at her firm if they come up with ideas on her latest case.

Four students – Wes, Michaela, Rebecca and Conner – figure out various ways of manipulation and a little bit of thinking, help Keating tear down the witnesses, discredit evidence, and helps get her client off. This entire story revolves around the fact that the four students have murdered someone. This drama unfolds with flashbacks at how they came about and then helped Keating with her case. At the end of the episode, it is revealed that the students murdered Keating’s husband.

Under the Dome

If this series gets canceled, I am just going to read the damn book. The entire episode had Barbie lead the town to the “new hole” in order to find a way out. When they finally get to a dead-end, Barbie’s dead sister magically appears and tells them – or just him – that it’s time to go home. Jim, being pissed off at the world for the death of Pauline, murders Rebecca and his neighbor.

The Blacklist

See my review: The Blacklist: Lord Baltimore recap


I hated the premise of this show and had no hope whatever for a show involving Anthony Anderson. Don’t get me wrong, I love him as an actor, but he kills new TV shows – Guys with Kids, Treme, All about the Anderson’s, K-Ville. I found this show surprisingly funny. Except for the repetitive use of the phrase “Keep it real” – a statement that hasn’t been used for 15 years and needs to die.

Madam Secretary

My on demand flipped out on me, so I was unable to watch this show.


Christopher’s Dead – YAY!!!!

John Ross saved Emma and Bobby saved Ann. Elena became pregnant by Nicolas, we think, but the writers have a who’s the daddy storyline so there is that. John Ross teams up with Judith after Pamela screws him literally on the plan to buy the company back. Bobby and Sue Ellen take the deal from Pamela. Which forces Judith and John Ross to work together. The season has been renewed but I am not sure if that is official. I do know that the writers are working on a season 4.


So this show is like The Mentalist that dies. I started off and watched the second episode before the first and was bored to tears. Then I caught the first episode when Henry dies about three times. The show is better better when Henry dies a time or two in an episode.

Red Band Society

So I did finally watched the show. As expected the core of the show is very sad. It hits very close to home for me. I did enjoy the narrator, Charlie, is pretty funny and makes light of everything.

What are looking forward to next week?

  • Mulaney
  • The Simpson. Family Guy mash up
  • Resurrection
  • Brooklyn Nine Nine
  • Stalker
  • Gracepoint

Watch it LIVE!

  • Gotham
  • Saturday Night Live

DVR it?

  • Resurrection
  • Madam Secretary
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