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New American Horror Story: Freak Show Trailers; Well-done in the Nightmare Department

By now you’ve probably seen the American Horror Story: Freak Show teaser trailers. If you haven’t been fortunate enough to get the crap scared out of you, check them out NOW.

If you suffer from coulrophobia then I apologize sincerely. If you don’t fear clowns and you’re already an AHS fan, then you must be pretty psyched for the season premier October 8th on FX.

Season 4 will take place in 1952 in a town called Jupiter, Florida, where “German expatriate” Elsa Mars (Jessica Lange, of course) operates her circus freak show.  Among reoccurring cast members in new roles includes Kathy Bates (who won an Emmy for her portrayal of Delphine LaLaurie  in last season’s Coven) as Effil Darling, the Bearded Lady, and Sarah Paulson as conjoined twin performers, Bette and Dot Tattler. Evan Peters and Emma Roberts will also be returning.

New to the show are Michael Chiklis as the Strongman and John Carroll Lynch as the villain, Twisty, a “clown killer”. (Which means he kills clowns right? Shouldn’t he be called a “killer clown”, if he is indeed a murderous clown, as demonstrated in the trailer? But I digress.)

There is no doubt that American Horror Story attracts talented and captivating cast members. This quality has kept the show watchable and engaging for three seasons. John Carroll Lynch is a character actor memorable in movies such as Fargo, Zodiac, and Shutter Island, and Michael Chiklis has found success on The Shield. One thing has never been lacking from AHS, and that’s solid acting.

What was missing from last season, however, was coherence. Coven started strongly but then delved into inconsequential plot points and pointless character development. By the end, it was too campy for its own good. That cheesy Stevie Nicks musical number didn’t help either. But these awesome teasers are more than promising; they point to a high production quality and style that makes AHS so grisly and disturbing, that keeps us returning every week for more.

So the question on everyone’s minds is: who is this Twisty? Is he the possibly-disfigured grinning Joker-like clown in “Twisted Smile”, or is he the make-up clad, tortured soul-turned-angry razor-teeth clown ala Pennywise in “Open Wide”?

There’s only way to find out… Also, what’s going to happen with that sword?


SOURCE: Collider

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