I waited to finish this post until after the Mayweather v. Maidana fight. That was my mistake. After a great fourth round, Marcos Maidana lost all steam. The other highlight of this fight was a biting incident. This fight can best be summed up with the words of Maidana in the post-fight interview: “I just wanna go home”.


This game has what you would think is a great concept. Imagine having a social experiment where we take a bunch of people, throw them on their own land and see what happens. How do they interact with others? What type of laws do they make? Can these individuals start a new society from the ground up? What could go wrong? Competitive television ratings can go wrong.

Being a Big Brother fan, I can’t help to have an inside love for this show. However, with this show’s most recent ratings as a 0.7 and 0.9 (the premiere scored a 2.0), combined with a $50 million price tag, it will make Utopia a disaster in the making. This experiment is supposed to last for at least a year – a year that starts in the midst of the most competitive cut-throat ratings grab in the fall TV season.

This is where new shows with big budgets roam with returning shows that score 10 million viewers. This show will be canceled by Thanksgiving.

Amazon Pilot Season

This is worst Amazon pilot season yet. Maybe it disappointed me that there are only five pilots. Overall the pilots couldn’t hold a candle to previous pilots The After or Transparent.  The Cosmopolitans is un-watchable unless you live in Paris or would like to.

Red Oaks was entertaining, but if I am going to watch an 80’s-based television show, I’d rather watch The Goldbergs. Really did make me laugh, and it was one of the first pilots this season that had me wanting more.

The true standouts from this Amazon pilot season are Hand of God and Hysteria. Hand of God stars Ron Perlman as a judge that pretty much goes crazy after getting baptized. He starts hearing voices from his coma-ridden son, which he thinks are from God. However, we would like to think that God is right.

The voices that Pernell Harris hears are supposed to lead him to the person that raped his daughter. The problem is that the man Harris is being shown isn’t the suspect…or it doesn’t seem that way as of yet.

The best by far is Hysteria. Hysteria stars Mena Suvari as a doctor that has been brought on to help with an epidemic of a staged disease that started when a bunch of fast teenagers meets up with a few strangers in a warehouse.

One of the girls breaks out in a seizure. Thereafter, another one of the girls does as well after watching a video of the seizure on the internet. The guy that spread the video also breaks out into a seizure. So if you like loose teenagers being punished by breaking out in seizures, then this is the show for you.

Houdini (Spoilers)

I didn’t watch this documentary when it first came on (Labor Day weekend), but I did get to catch it sometimes afterward. Like most History Channel Labor Day specials, I did enjoy it. The one let down was the ending. It was just sudden. Harry Houdini was running around escaping from stuff, hunting down fake clairvoyants and then..poof he dies. Houdini gets punched in the stomach and died. It’s so sad how what could have been great movie ended so terribly.

Finding Carter (Spoilers)

I stopped watching this show for a week or so and all hell breaks loose. Max gets shot by Crash after Crash and Carter run away. Carter has the bright idea to get a message to her mother through Max. Crash gets jealous as Carter is talking to Max. He goes into the gas station that Max is working at and tries to rob the store. Max, thinking that Crash was joking, told Crash no. Crash, therefore, pulls out a gun and accidentally shoots Max. Max is in a coma heading into the season finale.

Big Brother Update

This week was almost a complete waste of time as a new twist was unveiled. It was called the rewind button. This button (which of course was pressed) took away Frankie’s HOH and Veto win and NO house guest left. The entire game was reset. I like the reset button far better than Pandora’s Box but CBS will never be able to pull it off again. In the rewind, the same HOH competition was played and Caleb won.

Caleb put up Frankie and Victoria. Cody has won the veto. It will be interesting to see if the plan is to backdoor Frankie (Which they should have done two weeks ago) or will the detonators stick with the plan and make it a detonators final four. With Thursday Night Football on CBS. Big Brother eviction day is now Wednesday.


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