Nathan For You

Dumb Starbucks – Apparently this episode got pretty famous before it’s taping. Nathan suggested that a coffee shop owner change his coffee shop’s name to Dumb Starbucks to fulfill a comedic parody rule. As things would have it, we live in a gullible society and it worked. People thought that this was a Starbucks or a Starbucks protest and came out in droves. This gave Nathan a mini hit. Things suddenly came crashing down when the health department closed Dumb Starbucks. Instead of getting an actually license, Nathan decided to cut his losses.

Sharknado 2: I honestly think this was the biggest waste of time I have ever committed to anything in my entire life. How this did “movie” get a part 2?

Big Brother Update: In an act of kindness Derrick threw the HOH competition to let Frankie win because his grandfather died. This week Derrick’s grandfather died and no one threw the comp for him. Zack won the 2nd HOH and the power went to his head. In the end Amber went home. In case anyone felt cheated after watching the Thursday episode and not knowing who the HOH is, Donny and Nicole are HOH. Next week is the first double eviction of the season.

Last Comic Standing: We are now into the finals and we have the white guy, the black lady, the awkward white guy and odd story-telling black guy. For those of you keeping score at home, that’s Lachlan Patterson, Nikki Carr, Joe Machhi and Rodman. They comics actually spent the whole time telling jokes. This was a great choice instead of those dumb challenges were they all failed at.

Crossbones: I can admit, I haven’t watched this show since about week 3. I was not alone. The finale of this show drew a 0.3 in the ratings, which meant that America didn’t watch this show as well. This is one of the first mini-series styled shows with popular movie actors that has failed.

HBO Boxing: One of the most exciting boxing matches thus far this year took place.  Brandon “Bam Bam” Rios and Diego Chaves squared off against each other. This was a slugfest where the referee wanted to make a name for himself. After watching fights this year where not a lot of boxing went on, Chaves/Rios was a treat. This great match was interrupted by the referee deducting 3 penalty points and even disqualifying Chaves in the ninth round for holding. It was such a sad way to end such a great match. There is a decent chance for a rematch. If this rematch happens, and this referee is NOT involved, it will be one of the best bouts of next year.



Cold Justice

The Hatchet


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Big Brother – Double eviction


NFL’s Hall of Fame Game

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