Naked and Afraid – Someone is going to die on this show. I really thought it was going to happen last week, as the contestants did NOT eat at all. This week I figured that one of the contestants would die due to the fact that the female didn’t eat meat. In the end she succumbed to hunger and ate the tail of a lizard. I bet it was the best tail she’d ever eaten.

Sex Slaves – I have no idea why I started watching this show. I thought it would be like To Catch a Predator on steroids. But all I see is the police setting guys up with entrapment and not a lot to go on. Proof of this is that, half of the guys that get caught, end up getting off in the end. There is so much wrong with this show it makes no sense.

Married – This show was somewhat disappointing. It was funny but the trailers suggested a lot more laughs. It is proof that a great trailer can sell anything. I am not saying this show has no potential it just let me down a little.

People getting their butts kicked on Saturday

I had to wait to write this post as there were two fights that I wanted to see on Saturday. The first one was UFC ‘s Fight Night on FOX. Robbie Lawler and Matt Brown had a bloodbath in the ring (or octagon). I am normally a boxing guy but UFC is turning me. I first started watching for Rowdy Ronda Rousey, but I like UFC for the occasional boxing. In boxing you can run from an opponent but in the UFC you can not escape the fear, and it shows in your eyes. Last night there was fear in Matt Brown’s eyes come the 5th round. With that said, Robbie Lawler took the match.

The second butt kicking of the night went to Daniel Geale. Daniel Geale got his butt kicking in the 3rd round by a man nick-named GGG. For you perverts it does not mean “German Goo Girls” but Gennady “GGG” Golovkin. Golovkin knocked out Geale with a right while getting hit with a power punch. Knocking a man out WHILE you are getting punched has got to be one of the most BOSS ways to win a fight. The unbeaten Golovkin not only ended the fight on a high note he also called out champ Miguel Cotto in the after fight interview.

Big Brother Update

A far as good news goes, BB’s live show is topping the ratings on Thursdays! As far as gameplay goes, Cody was left as the sole HOH. Brittney and Victoria where left as the nominees. Victoria actually did something and won a POV. Well she didn’t win it as much as Caleb let her take it. This gesture make Cody want to put Caleb up “So Bad.” So bad that Cody listened to Frankie and didn’t put Caleb up. So since Frankie is secretly running this game (with Derrick), Cody put up Donny, after telling Donny he wouldn’t. In the end the whiny girl in the house (Brit) went home, Thank God.

Zack won the HOH and because Frankie’s grandfather died while Frankie was in the house, Derrick threw the HOH and made Frankie the first three-time HOH of the season. I wonder if this will put a target on his back? I have not been watching the feeds so I have no idea who is now the sole HOH and who are the nominees. The one thing I am waiting for in this game is for Donny to “DO Something.” Donny is a fanatic of BB but doesn’t talk “game” with anyone. I wonder is his strategy to wait until jury to start putting his plan into motion or if he has a plan at all. Whatever happens, I just pray that another floater doesn’t win BB for a 2nd season in a row.


Nathan For You

Drunk History

Marvel’s Avengers Assemble‘ & ‘Marvel’s Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H

Teen Wolf

What were looking forward to next week?

The Killing (Netflix)

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