Extant – Taking the short term straight to TV series much like Billy Bob Thornton, Zoe Saldana, Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson and John MalkovichHalle Berry has gotten in the TV game as well with Extant. This has to be the 2nd best TV show starring a leading Hollywood personality, Fargo being the first. With nothing on during the summer this is a show that I am really starting to take interest in. I thought that it would be a 2 or 3 part type deal like Rosemary Baby, but I am glad that it has a 13-episode order. With all of the actors and actresses involved in TV-based dramas, the next two Emmy awards will be fun to watch. I fully expect to see Halle in the running with the individuals named above. It also goes to show you that, every time Halle Berry get raped, she wins an award.

Working the Engles – I have to admit that I didn’t watch this week episode due to Big Brother, but I watched the premiere and found that this show has potential and it oddly funny. A recently widowed woman (Ceil) with a useless son (Jimmy) and daughter (Sandra) falls on hard times after their bread-winner father, a lawyer, dies and leaves the family in debt. The only child that has done something with herself (Jeanna) wants to start up her dad’s practice and the whole family joins along. It’s a shame this show can’t get over a 0.6 in ratings.

Last Comic Standing – The highlight of this week’s show was the battle between Joe Machi and Monroe Martin. This battle had the judges tied and the audience in stitches. These two had to go on for two additional sets before a winner was announced, and after Joe finished his “Thomas Jefferson on Obama” joke, Joe was declared the winner and will live to tell a joke another day.

The Strain – Sorry I didn’t watch, I don’t like rats

Tyrant – Best TV show on right now. Now the last episode fell a bit flat, but the transformation of Barry going back to his murderous roots is enough for me to hang on and endure a dead week.

The ESPYs – I really did not know what would happen with Drake as host. But, as my wife noted, ever since Drake hosted and performed on SNL, he has come on as funny. Drake killed it from jokes (songs) about player’s side pieces, Russell Westbrook’s clothing line and a poem about the beautiful Skylar Diggins. ESPN’s Stuart Scott had the most memorable spot of the night while giving a speech after receiving an award for his fight with cancer. It was too powerful to sum up and so outstanding I will not try too. If you haven’t heard it or know someone who is battling cancer please check it out. It’s heartwarming.

Motive – I don’t watch a lot of “cop shows” but, if I remember, this is one I have to watch. Motive is a show that tells you who the killer and victim is. It is our job, along with Angie and Vega, to figure out why the killer did it. This week we has an orphaned son killing his mother in order to save her life. I really didn’t see that one coming.

Home Run Derby – So for years people complained that this derby took too long and was boring. They changed the rules and now the National League faces off with the American League at the end to crown the home run champ. This would be a great idea IF the National League champ hadn’t hit only one home run in the finals and semifinals. Give them 10 tries to hit a home run. ESPN you’ve failed.

Big Brother – I have never seen a bigger group of spineless women ever. It’s odd that, in the beginning, Pao wanted to start an all-girl alliance. Joey was kicked out for trying to start another one. These women needed it. Instead of trying to band together and win this game they are letting the men run rampant. When this normally happens it is because one of the girls is banging one of the guys. But this is not happening. These women are stupid and don’t even have penis on the brain to show for their stupidity. At least when they all get kicked out there won’t be a floater or a racist waiting at the end to win it all.


The Night Shift – Im glad this show got a renal, now I can watch and not live in fear

What were looking forward to next week

Football – well traning camp

Under the Dome

Finding Carter

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