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Kurt Russell Claims ‘Hateful Eight’ Will Shoot Next Year

A few months ago, director Quentin Tarantino angrily put his next film The Hateful Eight on indefinite hold after the film’s script got leaked onto the internet.  Tarantino has since cooled down over this issue and the movie now appears to be once again moving forward.  Thanks to Kurt Russell these rumors will likely only get more intense.  In a recent interview with Fox’s Good Day Philly, Russell said that the film would be shooting sometime next year.

Russell wasn’t entirely specific about when the film would start shooting, saying that it would be “around the beginning of the year”, so if this is indeed true it implies the earliest the film would be released would be around late 2015 (perhaps another Christmas Day release like Django Unchained).  This amount of waiting is nothing new to Tarantino fans who has a well established track record of sometimes taking several years between pictures.

There’s not much reason to doubt that Russell’s statement is true.  He was one of the actors to participate in the script reading for the leaked first draft back in April and this wouldn’t be the first time he has worked with the director.  He has previously collaborated with Tarantino in Death Proof and was also originally intended to play one of DiCaprio’s henchmen in Django Unchained before dropping out of the film for undisclosed reasons with his role eventually being integrated with Walton Goggins character.

Do you believe The Hateful Eight will start shooting next year?  Are you excited for this to be Tarantino’s next film?  Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

Source: Bad Ass Digest

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