Around the remote for this week is going to be a lot shorter than normally. Due to me being incapacitated by most of the week and not watching a lot of TV, plus the holiday.


Under the Dome

America’s favorite new show is BACK! Under the Dome is truly an underdog show. This show was scheduled to be a mini series of sorts and surprised viewership got it extended into a series. If you missed Season one. The town of Chester’s Mill was surrounded by a dome that is seemingly can not be destroyed by anything. (think force field from when you were a kid. In the season season we have our hero (I guess) Barbie about to be hanged by Big Jim Rennie. Julia has throw the egg that was found under the mini dome, found by Joe and Angie, into the lake. The townspeople all passed out and a mysterious girl is now roaming around the town. The girl was found in the lake by Julia and saved. In short this is a show you need to watch because this town gets craier by the day.

Rising Star – This show is still VERY flawed. i now watch because it is a cmplete train wreak waiting to happen. The are a few people on it that have a lot of talent. I honestly hope this shw can find it’s way.

Tyrant – Being that this is a movie site. I hope a lot of you are familiar of the movie “The Devil’s double“. The Devil’s double is a movie about Saddam Hussein‘s son, Uday Hussein. Forcing a childhood friend to become his double to basically make his appearances around the country. While Uday does his terrible deeds around the country. Tyrant is like the Devil’s double from the lives of two brothers. One who left the country and the other brother stayed. When Barry (the proposed good son) comes back to the country of this birth Abbudin. For his nephews wedding and things get out of hand. For the majority of the show I keep asking myself WHO is the Tyrant? On the outside it seems as if Barry’s brother Jamal. Is clearly the Tyrant because he rapes whoever he wants, beats people to death in bathhouses and shoots up his own house in celebration. But as we find out more about Barry, this perception was changed. With there father death after the wedding and Jamal accident, everyone’s true colors are strting to show. Barry, fresh of saving his nephew wife in a hostage taking and seeing the 3 kids that were her captrues shot in the middle of teh street. Barry decides to stay a little longer in Abbudin to help his brother.

Big Brother The first eviction of the season was last night and Joey was sent home by the entire house in a 13-0 vote, spearheaded by Devin. Devin and Amber are HOH this week. I will honestly try not to spoil the Sunday’s show because I actively watch the feeds. However last night was a world-wind in the BB house. The house-guest were keep up all night. The show told the house nominations were today “meaning midnight EST“. The whole house, well mainly Nicole, Brittney, Derrick, Zack, Cody and Paola. Feared for their BB lives. Nomination did occur and the Battle of the block happened as well at around 5am or so. To say the least Sunday will be interesting.


The Hatchet 

Famous 12 – CW


I didn’t do it – Disney

What were looking forward to next week?

Finding Carter


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