Summer used to be a wasteland for television shows. When the seasons were just fall and spring, summer brought nothing but reruns. This was likely because summer is a time for going outside and taking vacations and just getting out of the house. Well, things have changed, and over the years, more and more television shows have been presented in the summer months. With that said, here is a look at the must-watch TV shows this summer.

8 TV shows you have to watch this summer


2014 summer tv

Falling Skies (TNT) – June 8

The fourth season of Falling Skies kicks off first in the 2014 summer TV season. There are a number of questions remaining that needs to be answered in this season, including the role of humans in the Volm-Espheni war, the fate of the Skitter rebellion and the true nature of Alexis Glass-Mason and Anne Glass. If you need to catch up, you can re-watch Season 3 of Falling Skies at


2014 summer tv

Dominion (SyFy) – June 19

If want to see a battle between the angels of Heaven for the fate of mankind in your 2014 summer TV viewing, look no further than Dominion on SyFy. The TV show is based on the 2010 movie Legion, where the archangel Gabriel declares war against mankind but the archangel Michael takes the side of humanity in the war. The TV series starts with the earth in a ravaged state of war and newly fortified cities set up to protect the human survivors of the war. To catch up, Legion is available on Netflix.


2014 summer tv

The Last Ship (TNT) – June 22

The teaser that TNT shows about their upcoming series The Last Ship was a little unclear about the plot of the show. In actuality, The Last Ship is yet another apocalyptic television series about humanity on the brink of extinction. In this 10 episode series, 80 percent of humanity has died from a pandemic and a lone naval ship is trying to find the cure to save the rest of humanity. Eric Dane, Adam Baldwin and Rhona Mitra star.


2014 summer tv

True Blood (HBO) – June 22

This is it, the final season of the HBO vampire series True Blood. The 2014 summer TV series will finally wind down the story of Sookie Stackhouse one year after the novels it was based on concluded. Season 6 ended with the True Blood drink poisoned and many vampires becoming infected with the highly contagious disease. This sets up the final season to start out with a war between the infected and the survivors, while everyone has to figure out what they will eat to remain alive. Expect the True Blood final season to be a huge, gory, violent mess to finish off the popular series.


2014 summer tv

The Leftovers (HBO) – June 29

Dominion isn’t the only 2014 summer TV show to be about Heaven and Hell. In The Leftovers, HBO  has a series about The Rapture. A large percentage of the world disappears one day and the ones left behind have to figure out what happened and what the world has in store for them. Damon Lindelof (Lost) is running the show while Peter Berg (Friday Night Lights) will direct the first episode as the show focuses on a group of survivors in one suburban neighborhood.


2014 summer tv

Under the Dome (CBS) – July 9

The first season of Under the Dome proved that the filmmakers were not planning on remaining completely loyal to Stephen King’s novel from which it was based. However, with King involved with the production, it seems they had his blessing. The second season will open up new ideas, including contact with the outside world as well as a look at what the Dome might really want with these people. The first season of Under the Dome can be viewed on Amazon Prime.


2014 summer tv

The Strain (FX) – July 13

Finally, my most anticipated 2014 summer TV show is coming in July from the warped mind of Guillermo Del Toro. The Strain is based on Del Toro’s vampire trilogy of books with Chuck Hogan. The story involves a contagious vampire strain that arrives in the U.S. thanks to an airline flight. When the virus gets out, no one is safe and as the vampire strain spreads, humanity finds itself in a fight for their lives.

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