These last two weeks have been absolutely horrible.  Nothing has been on and I hated it.


Fargo (season/series finale?) – I can say that there have been episodes that were better than the finale. This doesn’t mean the finale wasn’t great because it was. The only real let down (or me just not predicting the outcome right) was when a knocked up Molly didn’t take down Malvo. But I guess that may have mirrored the movie a little too much. Aside from that I loved this series. Season 2 has not been officially announced but with Fargo already taking home 3 critic’s choice awards (and with more to come as other awards shows start their new year) Fargo season 2 SHOULD be happening.

Halt and Catch fire – ummmm there was a BIG unexpected turn this week that didn’t affect the plot line but wowed a few people including myself. I won’t spoil it for you. And I will note that this episode was very bland and it almost felt like the writers just “threw” in this curveball, just for shock value.

The Night Shift – I keep getting sucked into this show. Most shows on in this portion of the season (summer) are barely carrying rating above 1.2 – Last Comic Standing – so you think you can Dance, Hell’s Kitchen and America’s got Talent are the few exceptions. So even tho I can’t stop watching  “The Night Shift.” I can’t get too attached because it’s not going to make it.

And Internet shows…

Orange is the New Black – I hate Netflix, I truly hate Netflix. On the good side I got to watch Orange is the New Black in about a day. Bad part is that I WANT MORE. I did this with House of Cards as well. Both season 2’s of both shows surpassed my expectations. But much like if I brought an entire ice cream cake and ate it in one sitting. I feel disgusted because I should have saved some for latter.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee – This was one of those shows that, when first talked about, I said “I have to watch,” yet four seasons in and I haven’t watched a single episode. Until now, I watched about 10 episodes today (being that they are about 16 minutes long this did not take up my entire day). This show is as good as advertised. If you haven’t watched it start with Louis C.K and Larry David‘s spot, it will not disappoint.

Other Stuff

A TV show that has not aired a single episode has been renewed for a 2nd season. Yup AMC is so desperate to have “Better Call Saul” a hit they renewed it for a 2nd season. I just hope with all of Breaking Bad fans with such high expectations this show doesn’t disappoint.

What we are looking forward to this week

Big Brother – THIS MARKS SUMMER, BB is back, and as a viewer of the show since the inception. I just hope this new “twist” don’t ruin the show. There is talk about “America” being involved but America is the same reason why the show failed the first few seasons. Which leads me to…

Rising Star – This show will fail but I will watch anyway. Why will it fail is because of America. I love this country but this country has no place voting or who should stay or go when it comes to tv competitions.

The Last Ship – It’s Michael Bay infused

True Blood

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