Crossbones – I have been waiting for this show to premiere for several weeks now and today it  finally premiered. Yes it”s the first episode but as far as character development there isn’t much under the shell of these characters outside of John Malkovich’s Blackbeard. But Malkovich, as always did not disappoint. The pilot episode had Tom Lowe, a British doctor, or so he says, protecting a man who built a fancy compass. Lowe has been set as part of a trap to be captured by Blackbeard in order to kill him. We see Lowe and his lap dog being captured. Seemingly being bored as prisoners they then decide to do what they are there for and kill Blackbeard. While implementing his plan and preparing to escape they see one of Blackbeard’s pirates talking to some men from Spain. For some odd reason this is a danger so Low goes back to save Blackbeard. They show doesn’t have a lot of substance and as I said before I watched for Malkovich and i’ll continue to watch for Malkovich.

Halt and catch fire – I watched the preview of the first episode and I enjoyed it. Now I am biased because I am an IT geek. I also watch a lot of so called “computer” movies and am always disappointing because the plot is always a computer trying to take over the world (Transcendence, Eagle Eye, Echelon Conspiracy, The Matrix). If you hated all of those movies for that same reason then you may enjoy “Halt and Catch Fire”. It has nothing to do with a rouge laptop trying to destroy the human race. (It’s is the first episode tho). This show is smart and funny and reminds me of the movie Boiler Room set inside of a tech company.

Last week tonight with John Oliver – This show just goes to remind us that all of The Daily Show correspondents are funny as hell. If you’ve ever wondered what The Daily Show would be like if you could fully curse, check this out. It only airs once a week which is too few for me but John Oliver is damn hilarious and makes you interested in what’s going on in the news with a funny twist. If you can give two hell’s about what going on with the world. They bribe you videos of hamsters eating tiny burrito’s.

America’s Got Talent – Why do people what this show? Honestly, this show has been on for 9 seasons or (cycles). NBC builds it up as if it is the greatest show on earth. When watching all I see is a bunch of rejects from the circus and people who may have stumbled into 100,000 YouTube visitors because we are laughing AT them not because we care how good they can ride a bike while playing a kazoo. Plus has anyone ever got famous from this show? I mean I can name at least 2 to 3 people from American Idol and I haven’t watched since season 1. With “America Got Talent I couldn’t name a person on their if they were making my Chai tea Latte no whip at Starbucks….which is more than likely what the past winner are doing right now.

Mad Men – Ripping of the formula from Breaking Bad’s season ending cliffhanger/Split a season. Mad men has the final season split into two seasons that air in two different years. As much as I hate this strategy I am sucked in and what to know what is going to happen with Don. I just hate the fact that I have to wait to mid 2015 to figure it out.

The Night Shift – I don’t normally do “hospital” shows but I watched this show with my wife who likes the whole ER/Grey Anatomy type of television show. Now that I have mentioned this show in the same sentence with two of the best hospital drama’s in history. I wonder could this show stack up with them. The show was mildly entertaining but was missing the key element that kept Grey’s and ER on for so long…other than a model-type male doctor. Sex, maybe because this was the first episode they couldn’t just jump right into to the nookie but they need to get started soon. I never was attracted to Grey’s because everyone was sleeping with everyone but it seems that was a key element of it’s success. The ratings for “The Night Shift seem to agree with the notion that sex does sell. It averaged 7 million viewers for a 1.6 rating. This is not good. As far as content I felt the show was solid. It will be sad if this show doesn’t survive as I think it has potential. But if this show wants to make it to next summer TC (the lead doctor) better bang someone and do it soon.

The Worlds Wars

**Warning renegade cinema probably doesn’t share the views expressed by LJAY on the following review of “The World’s Wars”

YOUNG HITLER kicked ass…yeah I said it. As a black man I give “young” Hitler his props. Stay with me for a minute. Young Hitler following World War I was fighting for a country and his sense of pride. Old Hitler (the one we commonly know of) fought for an ideal and racial supremacy. (Which I do NOT agree with) The difference is most American’s that join the military fight for country and have sense of pride in it. When 9/11 happened many people that I know joined the armed forced in order to protect this country and the way of life that we have and have had for all of these years. Thus was the point of view of Young Hitler. He was disappointing in his country surrendering after the first world war. He took up for his country and wanted to start a better one. This is where my admiration ends. While gaining unexpected power his vision became cloudy, became power hungry, murdered innocent people and tried to eradicate a race of people. Thinking he was superior to them. His ego was his downfall and I support none of this.

The History channel makes excellent docu-series and this one was no exception. We hear about a lot of leaders of the world from the past but do not know enough about them. This is something the History channel tried to do but didn’t pull off as much as I would have liked. I understand it was built as a series about Hitler/Churchill and Roosevelt. Their impact on the second World War and how the first world war changed them but I would liked to hear more about other leaders within the film such as Patton, Lenin and Isoroku Yamamoto. Even there insight on Churchill an MacArthur was rather limited.

I could have done without the pomp and circumstance from Powell, Cheney, McCain and others but the series was informative. There are pieces of missing and misleading information but there is one thing you must remember. THIS IS STILL TV. A series like this is supposed to open the door for you to do you’re own research. I lot of people in this day and age take something from word of mouth, twitter or TV and take it as gospel. The internet helps us, even encourages us to be lazy and never fact check what we hear or have learned. You should never take something at face value and consider it as the truth until you do you’re own homework. But enough ranting, as far as an entertainment value “The Worlds War’s” was great and I enjoyed it.


The Hatchet

The Arsenio Hall Show


 Watch It LIVE!

  • 24: Live Another Day
  • WWE “Payback”
  • Game Of Thrones
  • The Night Shift
  • Motive
  • Crossbones


  • TURN
  • The Cosmos
  • The Night Shift

What were looking forward to next week?

  • The Belmont Stakes – I am looking forward to California Chrome fail miserably trying to make history. I love horse racing and want to see a triple crown winner but I don’t think it’s possible in this day and age.
  • Orange is the new Black
  • The NBA Finals


Have something you think I should watch? Let us know. Disagree with a show that I talk about? Let me know as well.

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