Hannibal – I can’t write this column without seeing the latest episode of this show. The latest episode just happened to be the season finale. Which could have been a series finale and I could have been content. It just proves my theory that this show could have been called “Hannibal & Will: A Love Story”. As Hannibal does it never disappoints, if you haven’t seen the Hannibal season finale, stop reading, go watch it and then come back here. It’s that good.

Last Comic Standing – I love comedy and I love this show. This season just felt a little different and a little rushed. I will still tune in, mainly because Thursdays will suck until August.

Gang Related –¬†4 episodes tops.

Modern Family (finale) – Why did Cam and Mitch not get an hour? I felt they they could have did a lot better with more time. I was very disappointed in part 2. I wanted more Cam, Mitch and anything that could go wrong.

South Beach Tow – Now this isn’t a new show by any means by I was incapacitated this week and I was stuck without my 2 favorite channels. Therefore I had to watch something else. This happened to be the only thing on at 11am. Now I’m not discussing this show because it’s a hit nor fantastic, just the opposite. I’m talking about this show because of how horrible it it. Watching the first episode. I had to wonder “is this fake?” Stupid me, while watching the 2nd episode I had my answer. It’s not the fact that it’s fake. Its the fact that it’s HORRIBLY fake. There is a difference from survivor fake and South Beach Towing fake. I mean c’mon 98 percent of this show it’s even believable in a real life situation. Take for instance the random episode where for some odd reason the tow shop business s going to get taking if the “gang” does raise 20K. It reminded me of a “Whats Happening” episode.

No one explains why or how a business that seems to have daily customers has 20K in debt and a week to raise it. But mysteriously at the end the wise old man “make” someone cut him a check because he got an owwie.

Then an episode where a fat man gets stuck in a car. Of course it’s a mini Cooper. Then because it’s Miami and J. Lo has her name on the show it’s ok to show self depreciating Latin humor. Where a driver gets called out to a food truck. The food truck driver and the owner of the business starts fighting and a whole chicken gets thrown. So being this is the time of year where most show are garbage if you want to laugh watching garbage watch this show. If you watch to watch a real towing show watch…

Lizard lick towing – This show could be just as fake, just as scripted. Its on the same network. But what do you get when you Google: Lizard Lick Towing? There website for a towing and wrecker service. Not a TV show. Keep it gansta Bobby, Ron and Amy keep it gansta!


RIOT – Please don’t waste you’re time. This show proves my theory that Steve Carrell is overrated. Yes he was GREAT in the office but he did not create that character it was handed t him. Yes, he was great in the 40 year old virgin, but it’s been proven that Judd Apatow, Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd meant more to that movie than we knew at the time. I’m not saying Steve Carrell isn’t funny but he isn’t that damn funny. Pick a movie that he’s been in that you must see since the office when off the air….ok nothing? Then name one that is a must see since the 40 year old virgin…. exactly.

Billboard awards – ¬†Hologram Micheal, Lorde on the Tennis court, Kerry Underwood/Miranda Lambert’s performance and outfits were “Something Bad”. Never trust a guy from the Flaming Lips to perform a classic Beatles song with you on somewhat? Live TV (Miley) and Justin Timberlake shows why Saturday night Live was a bad (but funny) influence on him.

The Hatchet

The Pete Holmes Show – I didn’t know this was on still


Mighty Med


Watch It Live!

  • Mad Men (Mid Season Finale)
  • Falling Skies
  • Black Box


  • TURN (Marathon starting Sunday)
  • Motive



What we’re looking forward to next week:

Crossbones – NBC its batting 1000 in the Mini Series department. Can John Malkovich keep up the pace?

The World’s Wars – I think like most of the world I am secretly fascinated by Hitler. Maybe not by his deeds as they were undoubtedly horrible. But as how could one man have so much hate for the rest of the world? Also how could one man convince so many other to share in this hate?

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