The Preakness – The Triple Crown in within California Chromes Reach!!! As I said after the Derby I LOVE horse racing. I’m not one of those men that go to the track but I love watching the chase of a horse trying to go for the impossible task of trying to win 3 of the toughest races within a 2 month span. Now the fun begins. The sport of horse racing and California Chrome will be talked about on ever major network for the next 3 weeks. Hopefully he’s actually gets to race unlike the last Derby/Preakness winner “I’ll have another”. The Belmont is a longer track but i’ll be rooting for the Chrome to make history.

Saturday Night Live – The season finale was last night and as unless they brought out their big guns out. Most were past SNL performers like Maya Rudolph, Kristen Wig, Martin Short, Bill Hader, Seth Myers and Fred Armisen. They even had a few drop in’s like Pharell, Lil John, 2 Chainz and Raul Rudd The show was really done well and had very entertaining sketches including an “explanation” of what happened in the elevator between Jay-z and Solange, Waking up with Kim and Kanye, The Vogelchecks and the return of the Blizzard man. The shows opening sketch (not the soft open) featured the craziest campers in history who paid tribute to a camper that had to go home for getting her period on a horse.

24 (Live another day) – They aired this show twice and I still didn’t get to see it…O0ps

Rosemary Baby – I was so disappointed that this was a 2 part mini series. I figured that this was a 8-10 part mini series like Crossbones, Hostages, Cosmos or Fargo (HA I got Fargo into this wrap up!) But honestly I thought it was going to be like all of those other mini series. Disappointment on the length on the show aside. This show was really very well presented and good. I did think that the ending would have her killing her baby instead of being a loving mother of the child of Satan. I also never seen the original movie so sue me. This show also reminded me how good American Horror Story “would” have been if the 2nd season would have followed Fiona taking care of the baby made by Tate and Vivien, who was born by a human and ofr the dead. I only bring that up because the conclusion got a 3.31 in the ratings department which is really good for the 10 pm time-slot, so there may be room to try and milk this for NBC.

Modern family  – There was a time when people of the same sex kissing was a big deal and was watched by the masses on Rosanne almost 10 years ago. Even 4 years ago Modern Family‘s “kiss” raised a few eyebrows years after that Rosanne moment. Now the funniest gay couple on TV are upping the ante and getting married. Now Cam and Mitchell aren’t the first gay couples to get married in prime-time. Side-note did you know the first “TV Gay Wedding” was on the Fox TV show Roc? Rosanne hosted one, Grey’s Anatomy, Friends and a few soap operas did one as well. The one on “Modern” started this week and concludes next week. As usual everything that can go wrong is but I am looking forward to the ending and Cam and Mitchell finally getting married.

The Hatchet 


The Crazy Ones


Friends With Better Lives






Family Guy

The Mentalist

Watch It Live!

  • The Voice (finale)
  • Modern Family (Finale part 2)
  • Mad Men
  • TURN
  • The Americans (finale)



  • The Cosmos
  • The Good Wife (finale)
  • Family Guy (finale)
  • Louie


What were looking forward to next week?

Maya Rudolph Show

2014 Billboard Music Awards

24 Live Another Day


Last Comic Standing

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