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The Kickoff Show

Josh Matthews, Booker T, Alex Riley and Sheamus are the round-table hosts for the WWE Extreme Rules kickoff show.

WWE Extreme Rules 2014


WWE Extreme Rules

WEE-LC Match
El Torito vs. Hornswoggle

The ring announcer is a little person, the referee is a little person, and there are three little people announcers at ringside, dressed up just like the regular announcers (Micro Cole, Jerry the Little King Lawler, and Wee-B-L). The announcers make fun of the little people impersonating them (with Jerry Lawler making some very offensive insults towards little people in general). Of course, the spots in the match were also insulting. Honrswoggle tried a suicide dive but couldn’t get over the second rope. El Torito refused to use a real chair and instead used a children’s chair. Hornswoggle was given a step ladder and refused it, but still got a small ladder. Hornswoggle acted afraid of heights (which makes no sense because he has jumped off the top buckle before). There is actually a commercial break in the middle of this match on the WWE Network. After the break, things got awesome. Hornswoggle hit a flyng elbow to put El Torito through the announcer’s mini table. Hornswoggle accidentally hit Heath Slater with a chair, putting him through a table. Los Matadores helped Torito put Jinder Mahal through a table. Drew McIntyre went for a moonsault over the top rope but missed Torito and went through a table. El Torito then hit a body block to pin Hornswoggle for the win.

Winner: El Torito (**)

Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger were interviewed next. After this, the official WWE Extreme Rules show starts.

WWE Extreme Rules

Three-Way Elimination Match
Rob Van Dam vs. Jack Swagger vs. Cesaro

Jack Swagger has Zeb Colter with him and Cesaro has Paul Heyman with him. Heyman was hilarious when he came out. He started the promo by getting the crowd on his side by talking about the extreme wrestling but then pulled a switch by reminding everyone that his client Brock Lesnar ended The Undertaker’s streak. He then introduced The Swiss Superman and New King of Swing, Cesaro. This is a three-way with no tagging in and out. Rob Van Dam learned how to get fans to boo him. Cesaro was hitting the Big Swing on Swagger, but only hit nine when RVD ran in and kicked him in the face to stop it. Cesaro hit an amazing move when he dead lifted Swagger from the ring apron to hit a superplex, which RVD followed up with  with 5-Star Frog Splash to eliminate Swagger. Cesaro might be one of the strongest men in the WWE. When RVD hit his flying leg drop to the ringside barrier, the fans started chanting “ECW.” RVD brought a trash can into the fight. RVD used it for the VanDaminator. He then put the trash can on Cesaro and went for the frog splash. Cesaro moved and RVD just hit the chair. Cesaro then hit the Neutralizer onto the chair and pinned RVD.

Winner: Cesaro (***)

Stephanie McMahon shows up in the training room to talk to Daniel Bryan, to try to convince him not to wrestle Kane tonight and instead surrender the WWE World Heavyweight Championship to protect himself.  When Bryan refuses, Stephanie tells him that he will be Kane’s bitch tonight.


WWE Extreme Rules

2-on-1 Handicap Match
Alexander Rusev vs. R-Truth and Xavier Woods

The Ravishing Russian Lana comes out next on WWE Extreme Rules, as usual, to introduce Alexander Rusev. She dedicates tonight’s match to her hero, the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin. R-Truth uses his rap on the way to the ring to dedicate the match to the United States. Rusev attacks early and destroys Woods on the floor before the match starts. R-Truth actually made it competitive and got the first two count I remember seeing on Rusev since he made his WWE debut. It didn’t last long and Rusev beat R-Truth with The Accolade. Woods never got in the ring. After the match, he made a statement by going after Xavier Woods on the floor again.

Winner: Alexander Rusev (* 1/2)

The WWE honors the New Jersey Special Olympics team, who are in attendance. Next, Evolution are backstage and being interviewed by Renee Young. Batista is the most devastating man ever in wrestling, Randy Orton is the most naturally gifted man in wrestling history and Triple H is the Cerebral Assassin. They then mocked The Shield fist sign.

WWE Extreme Rules

Intercontinental Championship
Big E vs. Bad News Barrett

Bad News Barrett has some bad news. He talks about the MERS Virus and said that everyone there will be struck down, but it will be nothing compared to the sickness Big E will feel tonight. The most vocal fans were on Bad News Barrett’s side in this match. Bad News dominated the early part of the match, but things changed when Big E speared Bad News through the middle rope and to the floor. Big E was going for his criss cross splash and Bad News jumped up and hit the Winds of Change, but Big E kicked out at two. Barrett then hit Waste Land and Big E kicked out again. Barrett went for the Bull Hammer, but Big E ducked out and then hit the Bookend for two. Barrett then reversed out of the Big Ending and hit a big Bull Hammer for the win and his fourth Intercontinental Championship.

Winner and New Champion: Bad News Barrett (** 1/2)

Adam Rose promo. Don’t be a lemon, be a Rosebud.

WWE Extreme Rules

Evolution vs. The Shield

I never, ever, expected this match to be at the start of the second hour. I thought, for sure, this would be the main event. Evolution is out first (31 world championships between these men). Seth Rollins starts out the match against Triple H. Rollins looked really good early on, but then Evolution took control and just dominated Rollins. Finally, Dean Ambrose was tagged in and looked awesome with his unorthodox style. Ambrose locked Orton in the figure four in a call back to Ric Flair. Batista made the save, they took out Roman Reigns and then started to control the match with Ambrose. When Roman Reigns finally tagged in, he just started destroying Evolution. Batista finally got control and tried to hit the Batista Bomb but Seth Rollins flew in from nowhere. The Shield hit the Triple Powerbomb on Batista but Triple H broke up the pin and hit Roman Reigns with Pedrigree. He put Batista on top but Reigns kicked out at two. Triple H and Dean Ambrose started brawling at ringside. Randy Orton came in and hit Reigns with the RKO. Batista went for the pin but Seth Rollins made the save. Rollins and Ambrose brawled with Triple H and Randy Orton into the stands. Ambrose got thrown down a flight of stairs and as Triple H and Orton beat down Ambrose, Seth Rollins flew from the second level taking them all out. The crowd is eating this up. They love it, and for good reason. In the ring, Batista hit the spine buster and then went for the Batista Bomb, but Reigns powered out, hit the Superman Punch and the Spear for the win for The Shield. That match almost went 30 minutes.

Winners: The Shield (**** 1/2)

WWE Extreme Rules

Steel Cage Match
John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt

There are a lot of fans that seem to love Bray Wyatt at this event. There are “Let’s go Wyatt” chants and a lot of boos when Cena gets the advantage. The fans even start singing “He’s Got the Whole World” for Bray Wyatt. While Luke Harper and Erick Rowan can’t get in to the cage, they do their best to block John Cena from climbing out for the win. Michael Cole seems to think the fans who like Wyatt are brainwashed. At one point, Cena was trying to escape over the cage and Bray Wyatt tried to crab walk to the door, but Cena stopped him. There was another point where Cena went for the door but Erick Rowan and Luke Harper forced it back closed. Then Cena went over the top, but as he dropped he landed on Erick Rowan’s shoulders and he climbed the cage and threw Cena back in. Harper climbed up to keep Cena in the cage, but Cena tossed him in the cage. Cena tried to go over the top again but Rowan was out there with a chair. In the cage, Cena reversed out of Sister Abigail’s Kiss with the STF. Bray Wyatt did not give up and crawled to the door. Rowan and Cena played tug of war with Wyatt but Cena won that battle. Cena hit the Attitude Adjustment from the top buckle but Harper made the save. Cena went up top and Rowan met him there. Cena beat up Rowan on top of the cage and went for the door. The Wyatt cut happened and the lights went out. When they came back on someone was singing “He’s Got the Whole World” through a distorter and it was a VERY young boy in choir garb. Cena backed up, freaked out, and Wyatt hit Sister Abigail’s Kiss and walked out of the cage for the win. They went to the top and Cena stared in horror as Wyatt stood with the young boy, who was holding hands with Harper and Rowan as Wyatt did the “You Can’t See Me” sign to him.

Winner: Bray Wyatt (***)

WWE Extreme Rules

Diva’s Championship
Paige vs. Tamina Snuka

Paige started out on top, but Tamina used her strength to take the advantage. For some reason, Tamina kept yelling “Where You At?” Paige was able to use her technical skills to power back and got two close two counts. Tamina also almost won with the Bookend. Tamina missed with a superkick and locked in her submission finisher, a modified scorpion crosslock, for the win.

Winner: Paige (**)

Bray Wyatt is backstage with The Wyatt Family and Little Johnny and said no one can ignore his message now.

WWE Extreme Rules

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Daniel Bryan vs. Kane

For some reason, Daniel Bryan came out first. It sounds like the fans are completely behind Bryan, no matter what anyone might think. Kane’s music started and Daniel Bryan ran down the aisle and attacked him on the way out. The crowd is loudly chanting “Daniel Bryan.” Kane brings out a kendo stick as the first weapon of his Extreme Rules match. Kane then slammed Bryan, back first, onto an unfolded steel chair. Kane brought a chair in but Bryan has the kendo stick now. Kane slammed Bryan with the chair, set it up in the ring and hit a side slam through the chair. Bryan fought back and the fans are on their feet for Bryan. Bryan is tearing apart the announcer’s tables. He nails Kane with a video monitor. Kane fights back and now he is finishing taking apart the tables. Kane tried a choke slam on top of the tables but Bryan pushed Kane off and hit a big diving tornado DDT. Kane went for the tombstone on the steel steps but Bryan posted him.

Bryan now beating Kane with the kendo stick up the aisle. At the top of the ramp, Kane launches Bryan into the video wall and they head backstage. In the Gorilla position, Kane throws Bryan into a large bucket of water and tries to electrocute him by throwing a TV into the water but Bryan escaped in time. They are now fighting into the parking garage. Bryan has a snow shovel. He launches Kane into the side of the production truck. Kane slams Bryan onto a car. Kane has a CO2 cartridge and launches it at Bryan and misses. Bryan has a tire iron and just blasts Kane. Apparently, the pin has to come in the ring, so Bryan puts Kane on a fork lift, beats him some more and then drives him back to the ring. He uses the fork lift to put Kane way above the ring and then just dumps him into the ring. Bryan then heads to the top of the fork lift, leads a YES chant and then dives all the way across the ring with the flying headbutt. Kane kicks out.

Bryan gets the YES chant going, Kane does the Michael Myers sit up and Bryan goes for the running knee. Kane blocks it and hits a choke slam. Kane brings a chair in the ring. He goes for a tombstone on the chair but Bryan reverses it into a DDT on the chair for a two count. Bryan just starts beating Kane with the chair. Bryan with the Yes Lock. Kane tries to break it with kendo stick shots, so Bryan takes away the kendo stick  and uses it to strengthen the Yes Lock. Kane gets out of the ring. Bryan goes for the Suicide Dive but Kane catches him with a choke slam. Kane brings out a table and a gasoline can. Kane lights the table on fire and fans are chanting ECW. Kane wants to chokeslam Bryan through it but Bryan sends Kane through the table. Kane gets back in and Bryan hits the running knee for the win.

As Bryan is leaving in celebration, Kane gets up and does his fire bit to end the show as Bryan watches on.

Winner: Daniel Bryan (***)

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