Sorry for the week off. TV was boring and I almost went insane. But all is well we have NEW SHOWS.

This is slowly becoming my favorite time off year. One day I’ll truly research why this happens, but it seems that after the big writer’s strike of 2008, TV seasons are now cut into three times a year. The first season is the fall (September – January) and that’s when all the heavyweight shows and new shows that the big four believes in debut.

The second Season (mid season: January – April) is where a lot of good shows compete to try and make their mark. Shows like The Following and Scandal have emerged in this time of the year and become well followed.

The third season is Summer (April/May – August) where a lot of bad shows get a chance, but most die. This is the time of year where shows that were not good enough for a Fall release get aired, and some actually make it. Here are some shows you need to watch so that they make it.

Turn: Turn is a really good show if you can get past the few 30 minutes of the pilot episode. It follows the first America spy ring, while we are at war with the British. If you are into history even a slight bit you’ll like it. If you like powdered wig and the King’s English, you’ll love it.

Fargo: WHY is this a “mini series?” I am completely hooked on this show and don’t what it to end. Thanks to the stars involved – even if the ratings make FX want to extend it – that will never happen.

Bad Teacher: People are saying that they are liking this show. I cant agree with them I wasn’t even particularly fond of the movie, so oh well.

Black Box: This is one show I didn’t get to watch. Hopefully, I’ll have more on this show next week.


The Hatchet

Next week is the week where the major networks officially cancel or renew shows. It may not be anything in here today, but over the next few weeks, this part of the column will more than likely be the biggest.

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