Jason Statham ‘Hummingbird’ Trailer

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A new Jason Statham movie is coming and it looks nothing like any of his recent output. The trailer for Hummingbird is here and the movie looks very eclectic, almost like numerous genres of movies combined into one thrill ride.

That makes sense with Steven Knight (Dirty Pretty Things) at the helm. Hummingbird is Knight’s directorial debut and the first time he has been seen since writing Eastern Promises in 2007. One has to believe that working with Stephen Frears, Michael Apted and David Cronenberg means he might have learned something along the way about working behind a camera, and if he can bring some Cronenberg to this movie, I will be very interested in seeing it.

The Hummingbird trailer is a nice start, with Jason Statham an ex-forces soldier on the run, who becomes a homeless man, who takes the identity of another man to start his life over again, to finding his old life creeping back to the forefront. Like I said, a ton of different movies all bunched into one.

I’ve got to say, this trailer has me┬áintrigued.


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