Perfection!!! UConn played  Notre Dame for the NCAA women basketball championship. Both of these teams had undefeated record going into the game. This has never happened in college basketball, men or women’s. ESPN was building this game up for days. The bad news is that the game did not play up to the hype. The lady Huskies blew the Irish out on the way to there 10th national championship. This happened not even 24 hours after the men’s basketball team won the national championship over Kentucky. UConn showed its dominance again having the men’s and women’s teams win championships in the same season for the 2nd time in school history.

Wrestlemania XXX – Now I am not as big as a wrestling smark as I used to be but I love watching Wrestlemania XXX. Sadly, me and wrestling fans around the world, were shocked into disbelief as The Undertaker lost at Wrestlemania for the first time after 21 straight wins. The Undertaker only wrestles one time a year. The big draw every year is his winning Wrestlemania streak which was at 21-0 before last Sunday. Not only did Taker lose, but he lost to Brock Lesnar. Lesnar is a guy that left the WWE for UFC. One of Lesnar’s reasons for leaving was the fact that he didn’t want to lose matches. I thought that his stubbornness the last time around in the WWE made it a lock that he would lose to make him humble. I was wrong.

Game Of Thrones – We have a new character called Prince Oberyn Martell, who wants revenge for his sister’s murder. Daenery’s dragons are getting out of control throwing goats all among the place. A Valyrian sword was forged from The Neil Stark sword. The Tyrells are planning a wedding

House of Lies – House of Lies had its season finale Sunday, as Marty (Don Cheadle) has his firm basically sized by the FBI and he was forced to leave his own firm and put Jeanie (Kristen Bell) in control. This happened the day after they hooked up. This finale was a bit lacking. I hope that when (if) the new season comes, it goes in a different direction and isn’t all about Jeanie running Khan and associates.

Dallas – Now that John Ross has committed his mother into a crazy house he feels that he has the votes to take Ewing energies public, until Bobby gets her out. Ryland’s plans to have John Ross’ secretary have sex with little JR in order to frame him didn’t go according to plan. The plan that did work is when John Ross was taped going downtown on Emma. The video was sent to Elena but see didn’t use it. Nicolas however did. Next weeks episode should start off with a bang as Pam picks up her phone and sees the video. Next week is the season finale, and from what I recall in the previews, someone will be shot, are we looking at a who shot JR plot again?

The Non Hatchet

Stephen Colbert is reportedly going to take up for Letterman next year. Colbert Report will be ending in 8 months. Comedy Central has held onto Colbert for almost 10 years after losing Daily Show funny man, Steve Carell. With Fallon, Kimmel and Meyes already on late night. It seems that late night as a whole is getting funnier and younger.

The Librarians’ Starring Rebecca Romijn TNT

WE tv Announces New and Returning Series Including ‘Match Made in Heaven’, ‘Mystery Millionaire’, ‘The Divide’ and ‘Charlie Sheen’s Bad Influence’ Pilot

Unforgettable renewed for another summer

Game of Thrones fresh off of the season debut has been renewed for seasons 5 and 6.

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  •  Mad Men

In Memorandum


Three days after his election into the WWE Hall of Fame, James Brian Hellwig, better known as the Ultimate Warrior, died in Arizona. Warrior could be the 3rd most popular wrestling in the 80’s behind Hulk Hogan and Rick Flair. Rest in Peace to one of the pioneers of the sport.


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