Andy Serkis to Direct Warner Bros. ‘The Jungle Book’

Disney and Warner Brothers have both been racing to get their Jungle Book adaptations to the big screen.  So far the Jon Favreau directed Disney version appears to have the advantage since Warner Brothers have had trouble settling on a director of their own.  Their first choice dropped out of the project and their second choice turned them down but now it appears their search is finally over.  They have now hired none other than Andy Serkis (yes THAT Andy Serkis) to helm the big budget film.

While I’m not entirely convinced that this is a wise decision by Warner Brothers, it is without a doubt an interesting one.  Serkis has yet to direct a feature film but he has served as a second unit director for The Hobbit trilogy and also has plans to direct an adaptation to the George Orwell novel Animal Farm.  Given his extensive experience working in motion capture, it wouldn’t surprise me if he takes a similar approach when it comes to the jungle animals.

Warner Brothers still has a long way to go to catch up to the progress Disney has made but this hire has them off to a very interesting start.

Do you think Andy Serkis is the right choice for director?  Do you think you’ll see either version in theaters?  Give us your thoughts in the comment section below.

Source: Film School Rejects


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