This week’s version of our top five movie trailer list came out one day late, but don’t worry because we got some good ones coming this week. Here is a look at the best movie trailers hitting this week, ending on March 22.

Top 5 Movie Trailers 


The Raid 2: Berendal

If you saw the first two trailers for the Raid sequel, you know what the story is about. This trailer is simply a music driven montage of the intense and crazy fight sequences from the movie, with critics’ quotes spread throughout. If this trailer doesn’t get you excited to see the movie, you may be dead already.

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The Maze Runner

Ready for another young adult adaptation? This one looks a lot more like The Hunger Games than Twilight, so that is a good thing. Basically, a guy wakes up in a giant outdoor prison of sorts that seems to be surrounded on the outside by monsters. Outside the walls is also a giant maze and when the walls open on occasion, they send people out to try to navigate the maze and find a way out. Check out the trailer and see how it looks to you.[fresh_video url=””]



This is the new international trailer for Godzilla. Much like the AWESOME last U.S. trailer, this one does nothing to spoil the movie or the monster, but is more about a couple of speeches surrounded by action shots. The movie still looks awesome.

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This trailer made me smile. It was just a short teaser, but watching Snoopy dance around Charlie Brown and laugh while the Peanuts song played is all I needed.

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Filth Red Band Trailer

This James McAvoy movie has been out for awhile but hasn’t hit America yet. It finally hits on May 30, and here is a nice Filthy red band trailer to show you how awesome this movie should be. You may never look at James McAvoy the same way again.

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