Review – 5 stars. This show is crazy. If you haven’t seen it catch it on demand. Watch the cocaine episode, this may be the funniest new show on TV, 2nd too…



Broad city – I can’t stop talking about these broads. From grading guys on penis sizes (and an actual penis flopping scene) to eating shellfish while knowing you’re allergic to it. These are the craziest women on TV.

How I Met your mother – Well it’s almost here the series finale. I can’t help but to wonder will the show end with him saying exactly how he met the mother or will it end with him saying why had he spent all this time telling this story. I only say this because in the episodes in which we have seen Ted and “the mother” I want more. I love there dorkiness and how they are made for each other. I want to see a few more episodes with them interacting. Either way is going to be fun to see how it ends and I’ll be sad to see it go.

Hollywood game night – I forgot how funny this show is. Jane Lynch is hilarious and showing celebrities that aren’t trying to get a career bump via reality television makes for a good show. I thought that this show would just be a one-time, mid-season replacement. I’m glad it’s doing well and is back.

Preachers daughters – I wrote a really long synopsis about this show but lost it during editing. So here is a quick overview of the characters.

Tori has the cutest accent in the world. Tori was kicked out of her apartment and moved back in with her parents. Her parents can’t put up with her anymore because she smokes, drinks and meets boys at the tennis court. I don’t get how this is a problem and she is 21.

Megan is the 2nd child of the Cassidy family. There first child has a drug problem, Megan now has one as well.

Taylor is the resident loose booty of the group. In live preachers daughters have a stigma of being “girls that have been around the block a time or two”. Taylor embodies that profile to the T. If this show was real and not on lifetime and Taylor didn’t live at home. We would possibly be seeing Taylor running the street with 4 or 5 dudes. Being this is a family show she is only running around with 2 dudes…until they dumped her.

There is another girl on the show but her biggest problem was when her parents took her child to church, how dare them! On second thought I should have left this show off of my list. Sorry for wasting 45 seconds of your life.

The Profit – This is not your typical reality show. The premise is Marcus lemon comes in to help and buy a large percentage of struggling business. What makes this show out of the ordinary is that nothing goes right. I don’t mean like in the TV show “House” or “Law and order” when things don’t go right and the team can’t solve the problem. Then halfway through the show a light bulb comes on and everything gets worked out. It isn’t like this at all. In the last two episodes Marcus had to pull the deal from the business owners. In the last episode Marcus actually said “fuck you” to the female owner and walked off. Then the show ended.

The Hatchet  

Once upon a time in Wonderland.  Never seen this show a day in my life.

Mind games  I saw Christian Slater on Late night with Seth Meyers last week and wondered why he said nothing about his new show. Now we know why.

Watch it live!

  • Greys Anatomy
  • Broad City
  • How I Met your mother
  • Resurrection
  • Review

DVR it?

  • Bates Motel
  • Dallas
  • Hollywood Game Night

What were looking forward to next week…

  • Marvels Agents of Shield – With the opening of Captain America being next weekend and the return of Deathlok. I think marvel has a few surprises for us. I think this episode will be can’t miss
  • Friends with better lives
  • Inside Amy Schumer – Season 2 premier
  • Saturday Night Live


Have something you think I should watch? Let us know. Disagree with a show that I talk about? Let me know as well.

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