Catch a Contractor.  I turned on this show thinking I was going to watch To Catch a Predator (No lie). I found out that this was Adam Corolla’s new show on Spike TV. The premise is that same, there just isn’t a chat room with a contractor bringing a 12-year-old girl beer and Taco Bell. All jokes aside, Corolla is joined by his muscle man side kick, a resident good guy contractor, a private investigator and his shockingly hot wife. They then go to people who have been screwed over by a contractor and then make the contractor fix the job they they had no skill to have undertaken in the first place. Catch a Contractor airs Sundays on Spike.

The Cosmos. I was a little disappointed in the show this week until the last 10 minutes. I understand that evolution has it place, but it didn’t need it to take up the entire show. I was more interested in hearing about the five great extinctions and Titan.

The 100. This is why I don’t watch the CW. 27 million people disagree with me.

Requiem for the Big East. Anytime ESPN does a 30 for 30, it is a hit. I know people that don’t like sports who still love the 30 for 30 “Broke.” This time ESPN looks at the Big East basketball conference, a conference that dominated the NCAA in the 80’s.

Live From Space. This show tracks the international space station and the astronauts piloting it. Space is not at all like it’s been shown in movies. The astronauts have on khaki and collared shirts. No jump suits in sight.  They can use their phones in space but I can’t send a text in the air flying Delta.

Broad City. These are the craziest broads on TV, but what do you expect from a show brought to us by Saturday Night Live’s Amy Poehler.

Marriage Boot Camp  (WETV). My wife takes over the TV when I’m asleep and sometimes I will actually enjoy a show she watches. Marriage Boot Camp is one of those shows. This show has angry married people shooting each other with paint balls, carrying bricks and having a mock divorce. The cast is complete with spineless men, headstrong women and a man who rips his shirt off in every episode (Hulk Hogan style). If you want a good laugh and enjoy relationship train wrecks catch this show. 

NCAA tournament. It’s March and it’s time to dance! ESPN has reported that over 11 million brackets have been submitted. ESPN reported on Friday that only 12 are left. Wichita State has been getting guff all season for beating everyone they played and continued suit on Friday. If you like Mercer or hate Duke you’re happy. Besides winning and losing March is really about this…

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…being able to beat a team you have no business playing and rubbing their nose in it on national TV. Plus, if you’re Warren Buffet, you must have comfort in knowing your billion dollars is safe.

The Hatchet. No cancellations have been confirmed this week, but  if you are a fan of show Revolution, NBC has pre emptied the show on April 2 and April 9 for Law & Order episodes, and this is never a good thing. The show The Crazy Ones will be getting a good hour-long season finale on April 17. If you we’re thinking about watching the shows Believe or Crisis, and were on the fence, don’t bother because these shows are expected to be cancelled, but there is no official word yet. Breaking Boston has been “pulled” by A&E but not officially cancelled. I watched the first 10 minutes of this show and understand why.

Last Comic Standing (NBC) will be back on May 22nd with Roseanne Barr and Keenen Ivory Wayans, along with international comic sensation Russell Peters — as well as dynamic new host JB Smoove.

Watch it Live!

  • House of lies – Dollyhyde has hit the fan and Jeannie may get shot. Fred Armisen will guest star.
  • The Cosmos – Was going to get placed into the DVR it last but we are promised planets next week.
  • Naked and Afraid


  • Resurrection
  • Dallas
  • Money talks
  • Bates Motel

What we’re looking forward to next week?

  • How I Met Your Mother – last episode before the series finale
  • Friday Night Tykes – championship
  • Wahlburgers


Have something you think I should watch? Let us know. Disagree with a show that I talk about? Let me know as well.

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