Top 5 Movie Trailers Released this Week: 03.15.14

Renegade Cinema is presenting a new weekly feature where we look at the Top 5 movie trailers released for a given week. Here is a look at our first week’s best movie trailers for the week ending on March 15, 2014.

Top 5 Movie Trailers


Sabotage (Red Band)

The first red band trailer that came out for Sabotage showed Arnold in his first Rated-R movie in a long time, with lots of cursing and some great blood and guts shots. The first trailer also showed a bit about the plot and Arnie’s team (is there a traitor?) but this one makes it look more like he is rescuing his family. The end of this red band trailer has Arnie ask if he is fighting for his family or his team – which might explain my confusion.

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Cuban Fury

I’ve been waiting on this one. It is only getting a limited release, so I bet I don’t get to see it. Any way, it is Nick Frost (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz) in a salsa dancing movie with Rashida Jones. It is something normal people will think is stupid. I love Nick Frost, so I want this movie.

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The Quiet Ones

I don’t know. It could be scary or it could be stupid, these possession movies can go either way. I do like how there is some found footage, but it is only used a little in the movie for effect and the rest is just normal. We’ll see. Here is the trailer.

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The Grand Budapest Hotel (Red Band)

When I think of Wes Anderson, I don’t think of Red Band trailers. However, there is a reason for that in this one. A slight shot of nudity, some bad words, some killing and a cat thrown out the window. It is also the first time that I actually figured out what this movie is about. Wes Anderson does a murder mystery? Count me in.

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Devil’s Knot

This story hits a spot for me because I have always believed that the West Memphis Three were innocent – or at least that the prosecutors and police misrepresented the evidence to make them look guilty. There was already a fantastic documentary trilogy about the case starting with Paradise Lost. There was also the Peter Jackson financed documentary West of Memphis that came out two years ago. Now, there is the first movie based on events. I don’t like Reese Witherspoon’s overacting here, but I think Colin Firth is just gonna be great.

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And, just because, here is a sixth one

Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies

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