In writing these “Around the remotes” I hope to not make it a review of the shows I recap. I hope to explore my television palette and talk about shows that I or you, would never think to watch. As I may come into shows late, I do hope to bring a variety of TV into this column each week. At the least, I hope that I turn you on to at least 1 new show. (And we can both pray to the rating god’s that it doesn’t get cancelled).

Amazon pilot season is here and I found my self watching a show called “The After”. From Chris Carter (The X Files) all I can say is I WANT MORE.  This show better get picked up. I would like to think I’m responsible for getting Betas picked up and The After is way better (not a knock to Betas)

The Cosmos: Well, if you haven’t read my bio – I’m a nerd, more importantly I’m a dork. I love anything that has to do with space and I intend to make my daughter flip her school on its head and break the science fair (when she’s old enough) by questioning the notion that not only is Pluto a planet but there is more than nine planets. As far as the show goes, I really felt the space ship was more than likely the worst ship ever but it served it’s purpose. The insights and the knowledge of the actual show was great. The animation in the show explaining Bruno and how he was condemned by the Christian church for thinking “outside of the box” among other things didn’t feel cartoonish. It did feel like early Saturday morning TBN (the trinity broadcasting network) cartoons of Daniel in the lion’s den or Noah and the ark to me. Which is fine outside of the show’s hero, Bruno (not Tyson), didn’t even believe in Jesus or the holy trinity. But we’re talking about science.  With this show killing it in the ratings we do know that this show will play out it’s full 13 episode run. Neil Degrasse Tyson has never been googled so much and we find that in the time of the world we are bastards that were birthed within the last 15 seconds of time. I do wondered want will be explored next in the show and will warn you. IF Ceres, Eris, Haumea and Makemake are mentioned anytime in this series, I will rant poetically from about 3 paragraphs and shit bricks at the same time.

Resurrection: If a show can take you away from your daughter just jumping off and breaking her bed to going back to watching it. It’s either pretty good or I just admitted how much of a lousy dad I am. All jokes aside, this show is pretty good. I have reservations about any show that comes on this time of year but we shall see when the ratings come out.

How I Met Your Mother: If you hate this show, then congratulations -you only have 2 more weeks to hear people talk about how it’s the sweetest show ever and we can’t wait to find out that Bob Saget has been talking about a dead chick for 9 years, Oops.

Hannibal: Well, this was a horrible episode. I am not going to get into the what and why here but there will be a detailed and elongated blowing off steam in my Hannibal What we know post.

Vikings : How can a show with an ad from one of the coolest sounding voices (Lorde) since Amy Winehouse be this bad? I have no idea, there was blood and unregulated murder in the first 15 minutes and the rest was just blah blah blah.

The Hatchet: I have no faith in any show that premiers in this part of the season. Shows will be getting axed right and left. In The Hatchet, I will tell you when the show that you’ve watched for 2 great episodes gets kicked to the curb.

Celebrity Apprentice alum, Pierce Morgan get fired and surprisingly the Apprentice is no where in sight. CNN’s Pierce Morgan has been  axed by CNN and his last show is on the 28th of March. I really feel no way about this, however in March ” The Apprentice or the Celebrity Apprentice” normally starts it’s run. The Apprentice is now where the action is to be found and NBC’s website still has last season’s pictures in its site. The are rumors all around that Criss Angel, Terrell Owens and all the Hollywood wannabe’s we’d expect – but not a single frame has been shot. The Avengers 2 isn’t coming out to till next year and we have more footage of it than of this season’s Apprentice.

Watch it Live!

  • Scandal
  • The Blacklist (returns Monday)
  • Resurrection
  • Marvel studios: assembling a universe

DVR it?

  • Friday Night Tykes
  • The Americans
  • Here Comes Honey Boo Boo
  • Broad City

What we’re looking for to next week?

  • The Cosmos
  • The Blacklist
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