Around the remote (TV week in review): March 8

How I Met Your Mother: One of my favorite guilty pleasure shows. I hate to see it come to an end. However I am sorta getting sick of the whole season (and jist of the show) revolving around Robin and Barney’s wedding. The bright side is that when they do show Ted and “the mother” there perfectly geeky match is a little sweet and somehow makes you feel (if you’ve been watching from the start) that all of these stories were worth the wait. With only 3 episodes left and the confusing taste that the last episode “vesuvius” left in our mouth, you gotta watch this show.

Mixology: For some odd reason I found myself watching the premiere of this show. I was surprised but it wasn’t bad. However I can not get hooked on this show as it is in ABC’s slot of death. Here is what I mean. When the X-Files was still on FOX, they had a Sunday lineup of The Simpsons, a no-named show and then the X-Files. Every show they put between the 2 failed. ABC had a similar trait. The show that follows Modern Family has failed (at least in the recent three shows that I can recall fresh off of memory). First there was the show Better With You. That show was brilliant it actually made you laugh, not just smile at a funny joke, but cry laughing at least once per episode. That was cancelled and then there was a show called Family Tools starring  J. K. Simmons (from OZ, Growing up Fisher). Most recently there was Back in the Game. All of these shows have failed in that before or after Modern Family slot.

Grey’s Anatomy: I never really watched this show, but coming into the start of last year I stared watching. I don’t know if its good because of the writing or just good because it’s in the final season. Either way check it out if you haven’t. The previous seasons can be found on Netflix.

House Of Lies: I’m guessing because of the Oscars, this show took a break. I can’t wait for it to come back on.

The Oscars: Normally I love Ellen, but I didn’t find her funny as host. I think hosting the Academy Awards is a job that no one can pull off. Ellen certainly did better than Seth MacFarlane, but that isn’t saying much.

The Following got a renewal for a 3rd season. Which is good for me and anyone who reads my recaps. Also fans of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, New Girl and The Mindy Project can breathe easy those shows have been renewed as well.

Canceled TV: I may be late to the party, but I just noticed that Sean Saves the World and The Micheal J. Fox Show were canceled. Now I really don’t care but the reason I bring this up is that NBC passed on a show by Saturday Night Live writer John Mulaney. With Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers taking over NBC’s late night lineup, I would think another SNL alumni would be an instant pick up.  If you don’t know who Mulaney is, he co-wrote the wildly popular charter Stefon with Bill Hader, along with a lot of weekend update stuff. NBC’s loss is now FOX’s gain, as FOX has picked up his show

DVR or Watch it Live?There was a show on NBC that shall remain nameless (mostly because I forgot the name of it) but the show came on at the same time slot of a few other shows I used to watch. Many people have this same problem. That’s when I created the DVR scale to viewing shows.

The scale works like this. There are shows that you have to immediately watch, at their normal time slot. Then there are shows that you still value but you DVR it and watch it later. The “Watch it Live!” shows really have to watch live (live meaning when they first air) and shows where you can DVR and watch whenever you get bored.

Watch it Live!

  • The Following
  • Scandal
  • House of lies

DVR it?

  • Dallas
  • The Profit

What we’re looking for to next week?

  • The Cosmos  – Fox
  • Resurrection – ABC


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