Hannibal: ‘Kaiseki’ – What We Know (Spoilers)

The first episode of season 2 of Hannibal was titled Kaiseki, here is our take.


What we know The series opened with Dr. Lecter and Jack Crawford getting into an old fashioned fist fight. The fight ended with Jack choking Lecter with his tie. Lecter (as most villains) didn’t die and stabbed Jack with a broken piece of glass presumably killing Jack. Dr. Lecter goes into the closet (that Jack hid in) to finished him off. This was 12 weeks prior to the start of the main portion of the episode. Dr. Bloom is helping Will obtain his memories. We also have another killer who took art a little too seriously and has made a human color wheel.

What will  happen next?

The next episode is titled “Sakizuki” the images below are from the upcoming episode. From the previews of this season we see that;

If Will is found guilty he will get the death penalty.



Dr.  Maurier (Gillian Anderson), believes Will’s story.  (possibly about Hannibal being a psychopathic killer)



Will tells agent Katz that Dr. Lecter is eating his victims.


Connected or not? Will has visions of fishing to help the time pass. Our latest killer dumps his bodies that are not perfect for his “color wheel” up in a lake. We have no information if this is the same lake but could this be a coincidence? Only time will tell.

Pontificating: Even though it wasn’t mentioned, I hope the “paint wheel killer” story isn’t left for dead. This guy is odd which makes him interesting. I hope we haven’t seen the last of this guy. Upon more digging it seems that the paint wheel killer’s story isn’t done. In fact Hannibal is going to be on the case and will eventually help the killer. But not in the way the killer imagined. 


If Will ever gets out of this mess, Dr. Bloom will be the one to help him. Unless Dr. Maurier turns on Hannibal. In Hannibal’ s last conversation with the doctor, Hannibal said that she (and the FBI) doesn’t know what he is capable of. Dr. Maurier seemed a little shaken up when Hannibal said this. Will Dr. Maurier give our favorite cannibal up? We’ll have to watch to find out.

What important person will Hannibal kill next? From the previews we saw that Hannibal more than likely tries to kill Jack, but won’t since Jack appears in the movies in this world’s future. I also think Hannibal is going to be in position to kill Agent Katz. Will tells Katz to stay away from Hannibal. I think this warning falls on death ears and Katz gets killed by Hannibal for getting to close.


Now on with the food!!!

Kaiseki Kaiseki





The next episode of Hannibal is titled Sakizuki (March 7th)


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