Taken to the beach at Point Dume in Malibu, the contestants of Face Off are given their first individual spotlight challenge. Each must make a dragon, but not a traditional fire breather, with a shield as inspiration they must go with a theme of charred, frozen, slimed, tarred, quilled, corroded or sand-blasted.  Sketching takes place on the shore line before heading back to the work room.

Dragon's Breath

The contestants dive right in as soon as they hit the room to start sculpting, save for Tess who struggles for an idea from the get-go. The need to make body armor to create convincing dragons out of their models leaves all the contestants struggling with time management. Chloe’s broken mold brings her to tears on the second day, and Niko loses time for himself helping Chloe run her molds on day 3. As the contestants leave for the runway, several are convinced they will be in the bottom looks.

Going into judging, there is no guest judge for week 3. Several of the contestants still struggle to pull off decent paint jobs, though Tyler with his frozen dragon, Graham’s slimed dragon, and George, who chose a gold and red palette for his charred dragon, were all nicely done.

Dragon's Breath

Safe: Daran, Tanner, Cat, Graham, Matt, Chloe and Corrine

Strongest: George, Tyler and Rashaad

Weakest: Niko, Tess and Daniel

This Week’s Winner: Tyler    Voted Out: Daniel

Dragon's Breath

I could not have been more disappointed in the judging. I felt that Graham’s slime dragon should have been in the top looks, with a strong sculpt, good costuming choices and a great use of gelatin, it was a much stronger piece in my opinion than either Tyler or Rashaad’s. I can only assume that there was something in their sculpts that was not apparent to the at home viewer.

Dragon's Breath

I can’t imagine why Daniel was voted off this week, when Tess’ piece was so abysmal. Her paint job looked like she haphazardly slapped on a single shade of purple grease paint, missing random spots. Her sculpt was extremely poorly done and applied. Daniel’s wasn’t astounding, but his sculpture was strong, despite not being overwhelmingly dragon-like. Unlike Tess’, Daniel’s paint at least had varying tones. I am hoping for a big improvement in coming episodes, but with next week’s theme being ‘Guitar Gods’, I am feeling a little skeptical.

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