Deadheads: Let The Sickness Spread

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This week on “Let the Sickness Spread,” we focus on a horror film that brings an element of comedy back into the genre. Deadheads, written by Drew T. Pierce, and Brett Pierce.

With shows like The Walking Dead, and a new zombie horror movie coming out almost every month, it’s safe to say that the flesh-eating, un-dead  have become one of the most widely explored, and popular concepts for horror. What was so refreshing, and interesting about Deadheads is that it takes a completely different approach to “zombie-apocalypse.”

Similar to the  2013 zombie movie Warm Bodies, the film Deadheads is shot from the zombie point of view. Adding in even more of a twist to the concept, the two main characters are all but living, yet they both somehow have maintained their full cognitive abilities and memory. The film then sets off on  an adventure with  Mike Kellerman (Micheal McKiddy ) and Brent Guthrie (Ross Kidder)  as they attempt to find Mike’s still living ex-girlfriend Ellie Masterson (Natile Victoria ).

Along the way they find a new zombie friend Cheese (Markus Taylor ) who follows them around and helps them escape trouble a few times. The duo also run into a war vet named Cliff, who also  assists them on their journey.


The three friends are on the run throughout the film from agents that are out to kill them for good, and somewhat keep the virus quarantined.  For any zombie movie lover, I would suggest checking out the film. It’s not “cover your eyes” or ” I may have nightmare’s tonight” scary, and I don’t think it was intended to be. However, it is a hilarious, innovate and fun film to sit and enjoy. Deadheads gives the audience a different look at what being a zombie might be like, and presents many questions about emotion, life after death, and morals.

Question…If you one day woke up dead, and you remembered that, before dying, you were engaged to the love of your life, would you try to find her? Would you check on her to see if she had been killed, or worse eaten by zombies?

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