The Breakdown

Some young punks enter a pool where they are not supposed to be. During their swim the room starts trembling and on them trying to exit the pool starts to freeze. One of the other kids breaks the stuck kid free. When the kids leaves the pool he puts on a jacket with a SHIELD logo. The team heads to the SHIELD academy that specializes in science and tech. May and Coulson are not going. May tells the team that they have other matters to tend to. May and Coulson are headed to New Mexico to find more information on Skye and her past. Fitz Simmons are giving a speech to SHIELD students.In the middle of the speech one of the students yells “oh god” he stands up and starts to become frozen from the legs up.


Donnie is the frozen student Fitz Simmons try to break him free only breaking the ice a slight bit. Ward comes along and locates the device that is controlling this behavior. Ward smashes it and Donnie is free. May and Coulson are in Mexico City to find a former SHIELD agent. Donnie doesn’t get a long with most of his peers so Ward sends Fitz in to talk to him. Fitz and Donnie click right away. While Coulson and May are looking for the man. May is still trying to convince Coulson that what was in his file is what happened.

Coulson feels that since SHIELD changed his memory they could have changed other things as well. At the end of the talk May tells Coulson that she is sleeping with Ward. They see the man they are hunting and May goes after him. After a brief fight sequence the man climb up a few flights of stairs. Coulson turns Lolo into hovercraft mode to track the man down. Coulson  states that he is from SHIELD and the man is relieved and whats to know is this about the baby girl?


Coulson interrogated the man and finds out that Skye was classified as an 0-8-4. Their mission was to keep the child safe but his team was being picked off one at a time. The man tells Coulson that the baby is trouble. She has powers and death follows her wherever she goes. Back at the academy Skye has found a student that is suspicious. Fitz is still talking to Donnie and helped him solve a problem he was having about an energy source he was creating. Ward talks to her (the girl Skye pointed out). He finds out that Donnie as been talking about Fitz Simmons coming to the academy for weeks. Fitz Simmons were brought to the academy at the last-minute.

This leads the team to figure out that Donnie planned the attacks. When Simmons relays this info to Fitz he goes back to Donnie’s room and sees Donnie working on a bigger version of the machine that caused the freezing at the pool. Seth hits Fitz (knocking him out) so that he and Donnie can get away.


Seth and Donnie are planning to sell the device to Ian Quinn (from The Asset episode) When Quinn finds out that SHIELD knows about the project he backs out. Quinn tells Seth that he if uses it on SHIELD the deal will be on however Quinn is lying. Coulson tells Skye the truth. Linda Avery was killed trying to protect her and that Avery isn’t Skye’s mother. Donnie and Seth use the device rain, clouds form and hail starts falling from the sky. Donnie now realizes that they have created a super storm. Donnie and Seth are now trying to find a way to reverse the process. The machine dies in the midst of the storm.

The team flies the BUS into the eye of the storm to get Donnie. Seth has been knocked out and is going into cardiac arrest. Seth dies on the BUS. Donnie is sent to the sandbox so that SHIELD can keep an eye on him. Coulson tells May that he told Skye the truth. Skye wasn’t happy but knows that SHIELD had her moved to different orphanages (once every 3 months) to protect her and keep her safe. Donnie is in transport to the sandbox. Donnie touches the glass of the vehicle and  the glass starts freezing.


Coulson calls Quinn while Quinn is in his jet. Coulson tells Quinn that if his jet flies over SHIELD allied airspace he will shoot him down. Quinn tells Coulson that the clairvoyant said hello.

The Analysis 

So now Skye has superpowers? I don’t disagree with this decision but how does a 24 year old not know if she does or doesn’t have powers? Unless hacking is a super power, I’m lost on that one. I love the episodes where there is a high (implied) potential for villain development. Donnie, Mike Peterson and Dr. Hill (also from The Asset episode) is making this show fun to watch. The thing that Marvel really did well in the movies is to let each character have a life on their own and jump from one medium to the next. I love that fact that there is potential to have a villain grow in the MCU as they do in comics.


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