Let The Sickness Spread: ‘Stake Land’

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 stake land vamps

Hello, and welcome back folks. Hope you all are ready for a wonderful New Year of horror in the film industry.

This week on Let The Sickness Spread we turn to a rather innovative horror film known as Stake Land, which came out 2010 in the U.S.,  written by Jim Mickle and actor Nick Damici

One of the great aspects of the movie that it takes a different approach to the classic vampire creature, creating monsters that are both vampire and zombie-like. In this horror movie, we do not see the vampire as they are normally portrayed – beautiful, mysterious, alluring, yet haunting at the same time. In the movie Stake Land, vampires act as zombies that are forced to come out at night, and must be staked through the heart.

The second thing I felt really worked well for the movie is that it brings an element of adventure back to the horror genre. Quite often we find ourselves watching a slasher film that has one location, or a ghost film shot in an asylum, about a pseudo paranormal team’s investigation. While movies like these are great to watch, and can provide the sense of no escape, or of being trapped, it was nice to see the cast traveling.  Stake Land  is about a kid named Martin (Connor Paolo) who finds himself orphaned after witnessing his parents murdered by the vamps. Martin is then trained and protected by vampire hunter Mister (Nick Damici), who is on a quest to New Eden, a city believed to be uninhabited by the zombie-like monsters. The horror film is packed with amazing cinematic shots, and back drops mostly captured here in the U.S.

stake land

The vampire zombies don’t seem to need to be invited inside a house to kill their victims, and they are attracted by the scent of blood from miles away. Another form of the monsters are known as Berserkers. These creatures have speed, and are much harder to kill than the normal vampires. The cast find themselves not only on the run from these creatures of the night, but also eluding a cult known as The Brotherhood that takes over after the government shuts down. The Brotherhood rule the highways raping, torturing and killing whomever they feel like.

As Martin and Mister travel, they come to a few locked-down towns, and find humans alive and well attempting to form small societies. The two, always moving continue “up north” towards New Eden, picking up a few passengers along the way – a pregnant girl Belle (Danielle Harris), Willie (Sean Nelson ) and Sister (Kelly McGillis).

Personally the ending was rather abrupt to me, but I won’t spoil it, and the rest of the movie moves along quite well.

[fresh_video url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNC2HwAaWWE”]

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