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Bloody Mary
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American MaryThis week on LtSS we will be focusing on the Canadian Horror film American Mary. The movie centers on a medical student, who ends up becoming a part of the underground body modification scene. The movie stars Katharine Isabelle who plays a truly amazing and believable role throughout the film as a “surgical slasher.”  A few things work out quite well from the start of the film to the end. One of the main things being a strong female lead character, which is always golden for the Horror movie genre – think of movies like Halloween, Scream, Nightmare on Elms Street, and Resident Evil – they all share this important feature.

For American Mary, which was written by the Soska Sisters (who actually make a cameo in the film), adding in a little twist and making the lead character a killer, in my opinion, really works for the movie as well.

American Mary is the type of movie that you’ll walk away from with a lingering, eerie kind of feeling. Unlike many conventional horror films, where there’s a person running and hiding from a big or seemingly undefeatable killer, American Mary slowly takes you deeper and deeper into a world some might not know even exists – the dark underworld of “bod mod.” There are not a lot of deaths, or kills, throughout the movie.

American MaryHowever she does keep one of her teachers as a little limbless pet for about half of the film. I assume what makes it horror is like other films of today, the shock factor and imagery, and believe me, this movies has sights you just can’t un-see.

Over-all the movie goes from Isabelle’s character being a student in need of money, to her attempting to work at a strip-club, to doing her first surgeries, and soon being one of the top underground illegal doctors around. The only problem is the affects all of this has on Mary, who even asks another character if he “thinks she’s crazy.” If you ask me she had definitely, lost touch with reality. After a not so good night, at a party she was invited to, her life spirals out of control.

But, she has a “type of love for the money,” being that she was once down on her cash. The body modification business is surprisingly lucrative, and even though she was more than financially stable, she was almost addicted to the cutting, and power she felt with the blade. There’s even a point where she almost kills another girl really for nothing other than jealousy.

American Mary

American Mary pushes the line of what horror movies of the future can be. The Soska Sisters are twins and they write and direct their own films. This movie also won five different awards at the 2012 Screamfest film Awards, including Best Picture,Best Actress, and Best Director!

Movie of the week American MARY!

The cast also includes: Antonio Cupo, Tristan Risk, David Lovgren, Twan Holiday, Paula Lindberg

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