Let the Sickness Spread: How to Survive a Horror Film

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“Let The Sickness Spread” is a new weekly column centered on the best (and worst) in the Horror/Thriller genre of film, giving you updates, movie news, and info each week on anything in the world of horror. If you love classic Horror movies like Halloween or Night of the Living Dead, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll also find a “Movie of The Week” selection in each weekly column for you to check out.

To kick off our first week for “Let the Sickness Spread,” I decided to compile a list of survival techniques for anyone who catches themselves in the middle of a Horror film. The idea was first presented in the movie Scream, which had an amazing cast, featuring Neve Campbell, David Arquette, Courtney Cox, and Rose McGowan. The character of Randy Meeks, played by Jamie Kennedy, was a horror film fan and came up with these rules and cliches about the genre. These rules still apply today and we’ve gone ahead and put together an updated list for you all.

Ten ways to survive a Horror Film:

1) Is the dog dead??? In Horror films, when you come home, or step outside to see your dog, cat, or even your pet bird brutally murdered, or just randomly dead, it’s usually a message saying “Hey, you’re next.” You’d think this was a no-brainer but surprisingly it seems people think they can just go back to their normal lives after experiencing something like this.

2) Check the perimeter/house! Ok, here’s another no-brainer, but in horror films this is a step most victims over-look, one that normally costs them their lives in the end. When coming home, or entering a dark and scary building, try scoping out the place first. If it’s your house/dorm and your still getting an eerie feeling, that’s a huge sign, and when checking the pantry, how about turning on some lights. You won’t believe how many people look straight at the killer and walk away because he was blending into the darkness, and then end up on the news, with some crappy dialogue describing the crime scene.

horror film

3) Not where I left you…. Ok, so you’re checking out your creepy house and you realize the keys aren’t where you left them, and the TV wasn’t on, nor was the light in your bedroom. Hmm… only thing missing is the loud bump upstairs, and we have another future victim actually heading upstairs to see “what’s going on…” If things are suddenly rearranged someone might be in your house, or has been there.

4) Don’t fall/look behind you… These are classic’s in almost every horror film. Don’t fall, and don’t stop to look behind you.

5) Don’t count out the hot chick… Sorry boys and girls, but that hot, new chick you’ve been eyeing from across the room, or the handsome waiter/professor/creepy guy, might just be the one you need to be trying to get away from, instead of into bed with. Films like Jennifer’s Body, starring Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried, show that even your best-friend could end up being the killer.

6) Don’t get yourself into things you can’t get yourself out of! If you’re going to go looking for the said killer/monster you might want to take something with you. Who knows you might find what you’re looking for, and it may be worse than imagined, or perhaps the killer doesn’t work alone. Try anything, bringing even a broomstick could work.

Horror film

7) Don’t open old wooden, or buried boxes… this one is used by many supernatural horror flicks. The old box, when opened releases some dark entity that wants to get revenge, or continue its killing spree. Normally these monsters can’t be killed which is why it had to be trapped inside some box and buried, or hidden. Do not open, even if you purchased it at a yard sale.

8) Never run into closed off area’s…. When on the run from a monster/killer never run upstairs, or go into the basement. Try out the front door, or out the window.

9) Kill the Killer! When all else fails, at times you must go on the offensive, fight back. This throws many killers off, and in horror films you’ll see killers aren’t too good of fighters, normally used to their victims succumbing to the terror and fear. Fighting back usually puts the killer in a position of defending himself, and they normally retreat. This is the why Slasher killers normally stalk for a set time period; they want to get you at the least likely time.

10)  The Killer is Never Dead! Don’t go checking to see if he’s dead after you’ve shot him 20 times, cus’ guess what – he’s not. You won’t make it to the sequel checking to see if he’s going to jump back up at you.


Movie of the Week!

Invisible Ghost” starring: Bela Lugosi, Polly Ann Young, John McGuire

Monogram thriller: 1941 b&w

[fresh_video url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QDKv7SX7og”]

Here we have a classic movie, starring one of Horror’s pioneer actors Bela Lugosi, who was made famous in his role as Dracula in the 1931 version, a remake of Bram Stoker’s novel. In the thriller, Invisible Ghost, Lugosi play’s a wealthy man named Charles Kessler, hoping for the return of his wife. When he sees her through the window he slips into a trance and goes around committing murders.

Lugosi died August, 16, 1956 of a heart attack, and was said to have been buried in one of the capes he used in Dracula.  Another fun fact about Lugosi is that he was actually from Transylvania. I also would like to suggest checking out the 1931 version of Dracula, if anyone hasn’t seen it.

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