London Has Fallen

The Dominos Fall – First Olympus, Now London

Remember Olympus Has Fallen? That movie in which Gerard Butler punched a bunch of North Koreans who snuck into the White House disguised as South Koreans. Whether you saw it or not, this movie happened. In fact, it did quite well. It made over 150 million worldwide. That’s a lot of money. Enough money, apparently, to justify a sequel set in London, rumored to be called London Has Fallen.

They’re getting the whole gang back together. Butler will once again play the staunch secret service agent alongside Aaron Eckhart’s president and Morgan Freeman’s speaker of the house. It seems unlikely we’ll see Antoine Fuqua direct this one. It is basically a cash grab, so they’ll probably opt for a less expensive option.

In a summer packed to the brim with movies featuring huge amounts of urban destruction, the obliteration of DC by a variety of North Korean strike teams was amongst my favorite moments. Maybe it was seeing places I used to eat and hangout at all of the time get destroyed on a big screen (I grew up in the nation’s capital), but I think it was more.

That was a very interesting action sequence, and one that went on for a shockingly long time. That parade of violence was one of the biggest reasons I liked Olympus Has Fallen. I’m not sure they’ll be able to replicate that in London Has Fallen. I’m also not sure adding an MI6 agent to the mix will do much for the narrative. I really don’t see a huge franchise here. How many plots can really be enacted against one president? I guess we’ll find out.

Source: AintItCool

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